Top 10 Best DJ Controllers & DJ Equipment 2020 Malaysia For Beginners, Starters, Entry Levels under RM 2000 with Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox and More

Looking forward to becoming a DJ? That’s Great! DJing can be a great & exciting experience, allowing you to mix your favourite tunes and put your own, special mixes on them. The first equipment that you’re going to need is one of the best DJ controllers for beginners. You would want to start out with a DJ Controller that isn’t too advanced as it can become difficult if you’re just starting out, So we recommend the ones that gives you enough room to develop your skills as you progress.

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The Inpulse 200 is a very impressive controller for the price and for a beginner. The beat align function is quite frankly superb. At this price, we highly recommend this controller for those who want to learn the basics of beat-matching but also want to watch the pennies. Apart from the super small controllers, nothing comes close to the Impulse 200’s price and functionality.

With this in mind, it’s remarkable that Hercules has created a cheaper controller that’s not much bigger. Some would argue, it’s more beginner-friendly too!

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The Pioneer DDJ 400 is one of the best DJ controllers for beginners. Offering everything you need to get started right out of the box with full-featured software. While the entry-level market for controllers is cluttered you can’t go wrong with a brand like Pioneer. Even for experienced DJs, it’s nice to have a compact option that mimics more professional gear.

Offering that natural upgrade progression path to more advanced DJ gear is great. It makes it a compelling option for DJs who have ambitions of playing on better gear or in clubs down the line.

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In what has become a recurring theme in the review, the Inpulse 500 exceeds our expectations of an entry-level controller. The design offers features that DJ’s will appreciate more as they progress into more advanced techniques. The ability to mix external sources, toggle advanced features with dedicated buttons and stand up amongst more expensive hardware.

The Inpulse 500 is aiming to be the controller that DJ’s take to their first gigs. That said, the inclusion of the beat match guide and assistant, Hercules certainly hasn’t forgotten its beginner market. This controller is as focused on helping DJ’s learn the basics as it is at assisting them in developing advanced techniques.

This hybrid design does come with its drawbacks, however. The layout, although capable of controlling both Serato and Djuiced, is tailored towards the former. This choice has made for some compromises, primarily when used with Serato DJ Lite which only utilizes four performance pads and replaces the Roll and Slicer mode that Djuiced and Serato DJ Pro use. It’s a small detail but one that stops this controller being possibly the best Serato DJ Lite controller on the market. The advantage, however, is the choice of three fantastic software, a controller with premium features and a product that will last much further into a DJ’s career!

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The Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 is a two-channel device for Traktor Pro 3. It doesn’t have the Haptic Drive jogwheels, onboard screens and extensive FX knobs of the Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3, but it still packs a raft of new features. As an entry to Traktor, the S2 is great. Anyone who buys one will hold on to it for life, because as a second or backup Traktor controller, it would work just fine, however serious or professional the DJ.

As an entry to Traktor the S2 is great. I suspect anyone who buys one will hold on to it for life, because as a second or backup Traktor controller, it would work just fine, however serious or professional the DJ.

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The Pioneer DJ DDJ 200 is a fantastic little controller that offers outstanding value for money. Even though its hardware isn’t competent on its own with no audio output, the versatility and features the apps provide enable it to perform well above its price point. The fantastic Pioneer DJ layout will set DJ’s upon a clear path of familiarity when progressing onto more advanced hardware.

The WeDJ application compliments the DDJ 200 perfectly, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Pioneer doesn’t enable more controllers to use it in the future given its advanced performance features. With Native Instruments releasing a mobile version of Traktor soon, Pioneer has set a high standard at this price point. The ability to use the DDJ 200 with other applications, allowing for numerous streaming options is a great move. It enables the DDJ 200 to suit almost anybody without forcing them to change streaming platforms.

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The Hercules Inpulse 300 is a wonderful DJ controller for anybody who needs a rig to practice on at home, or for somebody just starting out. Although most standard DJ controller features are located here, this product is still limited. You can definitely use this professionally, but you might later upgrade to receive more premium features and software.

Although the Hercules Inpulse 300 has all of the standard features in a DJ controller, it is really best for those who need a controller to practice and learn on. We can see this with the tutorial and assistance features provided in the product.

Due to its quality build, professional layout, built-in audio interface, DJuced app license, and its portable size, the Hercules Inpulse 300 is a great beginner level controller.

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The DJ-202, Roland’s little sibling to the mighty DJ-808, weighs about the same as the SB3, and is similar in size but adds more than an inch in vertical length to accommodate its oversize jog wheels. Besides that it follows most of the conventions of a 2-channel, 4-deck Serato controller.

The DJ-202 includes a Serato DJ Pro license & marquee features of a sync-able drum and sample sequencer and MIDI output appeal to production-minded DJs, and it’s a great all-around budget controller beyond that.

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The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is of one of the most popular DJ controllers partnerships of all time between Serato and Pioneer DJ. This latest incarnation of the entry-level SB controller series is a more grown-up affair than ever before. Sure it’s cut down, basic and most of them built in plastic, but the trickle-down of features from more expensive gear is greater than ever, and it continues to provide an awesome way to get started in DJing.

As a beginner DJ controller, the DDJ-SB3 is not a bad choice. Not counting in the small pitch fader, it has all the needed functionalities for starting DJ’s. Excellent jog wheels, good performance pads separated from the cue/play buttons and with a dedicated loop section and a good 2 channel mixer. The fact that you also get the Pad Scratch feature and other performance features makes this offer even more appealing.

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This kit gives you everything out of the box you need to get going and also includes a copy of Serato DJ Lite and the ability to get DJUCED 5.0, the proprietary DJ software from Hercules for free. We would recommend starting with DJUCED 5.0 due to its similarity to other pro-level software such as Traktor and Rekordbox.

DJUCED will give you all the powerful tools you should be learning like looping, effects, cue points, track analyzation, and more to bring you up to speed faster. These tools are essential to understand if you want to take the next step in your DJ career and graduate into more professional gear.

The other big plus of the new DJUCED 5.0 is that it allows you to integrate with Beatport LINK, which gives you access to 9 million streaming tracks to practice your mixing with, all for a low monthly fee. This is also another great way to start without investing in a ton of music, which can be very costly if you go down the rabbit hole.


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Numark’s super-small, super-portable and excellently well-designed DJ2GO2 is an awesome little controller with superb functionality. Numark pretty much always deliver a quality product at a low price and this innovative controller is certainly no exception!

This controller is innovative due to its size, and the fact also that despite its size, it’s fully featured and allows you to execute proper mixes without much compromise. The controller is actually around 35cm in length which means it’ll fit across the front of a laptop for an ultra-small footprint mix station. It’s very easy to transport in bags or even large coat pockets!

Top 10 Best DJ Controllers 2021 Malaysia For Beginners, Starters, Entry Levels

Top 10 Best DJ Controllers 2021 Malaysia For Beginners, Starters, Entry Levels

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