Barber Tone Press Compressor Effect Pedal

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Barber Tone Press Compressor Effect Pedal

The Barber Tone Press: Tone and Sustain with Plug and Play Performance. Bringing together the very best of classic guitar compression and time-honored recording techniques. The Barber Tone Press is a revolutionary performance compression pedal that has no rival... A remarkable Tonal Breakthrough: How We Did It In research and developmentBarber studied the problems associated with classic guitar compressors and their recent clones and found thatwhile the clone-makers build pedals with improved components (cleaner switchingin particular) and matched transistorsa few of the major drawbacks of those vintage designs still exist. The most glaring drawback of popular classic compressors is that they reverse the guitars phase and cause a pop that squashes the attack at the beginning of every note. Although we now see some compression units that have attack controlsthey leave a bit to be desired as they require seemingly endless trial and error tweaking and still no true solution to gracefully removing the pop.
  • Precision components- Panasonic supply capacitors and metal film resistors for low noise.
  • True bypass switching with led indicator- this is achieved by using an high grade switchin addendum Solid 20 gauge copper hookup wire is used between the jacks and switching to create a transparent bypass.
  • Full size pots- for durability and for easy serviceability if needed.
  • Cast aluminum enclosure-our incredibly durable enclosure will last a lifetime!
  • Double sided pc board with plate through holes-This is the way the military does it when they want electronics to work FOREVER! all pedals should be made this way few are.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 1.0 kg