Behringer Minimix MIX800 Karaoke Processor (MIX-800)

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Behringer Minimix MIX800 Karaoke Processor (MIX-800)

Hey, karaoke is fun, and the Behringer Minimix MIX800 voice canceler makes it easy! You don't need to invest in a big, purpose-built karaoke system - just connect your music player, microphones, and speakers, and you're ready to rock. A two-band EQ helps you optimize your mic signals, and built-in echo and reverb effects help you put that final polish on the sound. The MIX800 cancels vocals that are panned to the center, leaving the mix wide open for your vocal stylings. Music Bliss won't deny that karaoke is a ton of fun, and the Behringer Minimix MIX800 makes it easier than ever!

  • Karaoke processor with voice canceler and built-in effects
  • Removes vocals panned to the center of recordings, allow you to sing over any song
  • Dual mic inputs so you and a friend can sing along
  • Built-in echo and reverb effects so you can sound larger than life
  • 2-band EQ lets you enhance your vocal sound