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Bugera 1990 Infinium 120-watt Tube Head
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Bugera 1990 Infinium 120-watt Tube Head

120-watt 2-channel All-tube Guitar Amplifier with Reverb, FX Loop, Variable Impedance, EQ, 2-way Footswitch, and Infinium Technology

Bugera 1990 Infinium 120-watt Tube Head

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Product Description

Bugera 1990 Infinium 120-watt Tube Head (1990INFINIUM)

Bugera 1990 Infinium 120-watt Tube Head

Bugera answers the call for more with the 1990 Infinium all-tube guitar amplifier head. Updated looks give way to updated performance with Infinium technology and better-than-ever sound in this new version of their famed 1990 amp. Bugera gives you pentode/triode switching for power modes and separate controls for master volume and reverb on each channel. A vintage EQ section lets you shape the bass, mids, treble, and presence of your sound. Classic British bite and tube tone are yours with the Bugera 1990 Infinium all-tube guitar amplifier head.


  • Handbuilt, 120-watt all-tube amplifier driven by 4 x 5881 tubes for huge tone
  • Classic split-channel preamp design (clean and lead) features 3 x ECC83 tubes for 90's metal rock tone
  • Heavy-duty footswitch for channel selection and reverb included so you can rock straight out of the box
  • Switch between pentode or triode operation for even greater tone versatility
  • Cabinet modeling recording direct output leaves the air in your tone when you aren't putting a mic on a cabinet
  • Integrated reverb with dedicated controls for each channel lets you get just the sound you want
  • Revolutionary Infinium tube life multiplier technology extends the life of your power tubes up to 20 times
  • Infinium provides incredible reliability and consistent tone without the need for expensive matched tube sets
  • Mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands to build your own signature sound
  • Valve life monitoring LEDs display individual defective tubes for easy replacement
  • Vintage equalizer section with dedicated bass, mid, treble, and presence controls for precise tone-shaping
  • FX loop with dedicated level control and true bypass function ready for your pedalboard
  • Impedance switch lets you use virtually any speaker cabinet
  • High-quality components and rugged construction ensure long life

Dimension Packaging Weight : 30.6 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Don't let the low price fool you, this is a good amp.

I bought this amp after hearing some samples on Youtube. To me it sounded exactly like a Marshall JCM 900. The amp came very well packaged. the box has soft cushioning placed on all four sides and extra cardboard on the inside to protect the top and sides. After pulling in out I was quite impressed by the fit and finish of the cabinet. It has a soft vinyl like covering which looks good. It comes with a foot switch with two buttons for reverb and channel selection. The dials are ok but not the best out there. I thought for the price the sound would be just average but it sounds really good. It took almost no time getting a good sound out of it.I guess because it doesn't have as many dial to contend as some of the more expensive amps out there have. As for the sound, I would put it up against any other higher priced amp in its sound category. OK so what don't I like? Some of the tone controls are shared across the two channels, there are no plastic protectors on the four corners (I doubt the vinyl covering would hold up for gigging unless you have a case for it), there are no handles on the sides and the cabinet height is excessive.

If all you care about is the quality of the sound this amp is a great option and with Infinium's auto bias amp I might save some money in tube replacement labor down the road.

Michael B.
Tubes burnt out

Great sounding amp, believe the hype. The only reason I'm knocking off a star is because 2 tubes were burnt out on arrival. If I can get this figured out I'll rate 5 stars.

Great amp!!

Been gigging mine for over a year now, sounds great and absolutely no reliability issues. Also gigged with a v55 hd infinium with no issues.

Great amp, badass tubes !!!!!!

Great amp for the money! It has a wonderful tonal range with a serious punch in volume. It's something that can easily get high breakup and get a thrash tone. It's great with a 2 speaker cabinet. Although get a new set of tubes not made by bugera. The tubes went bad within the first two months.

Oswaldo V.
Good Amp head..

i was really worried abou buying this head, cause i found on the internet a really big group of people who had problems with this particulari head but the Previus version (pre-infinium), but i decided to give it a shot, and i have to say, this Head is build really well, nothing on it feels cheap, everything feels really well made,looks awesome, the knobs are realy good..

Now , i cant judge a book for his cover, so u shouldnt judge a Amp head for his look and feel, you have to hear it, and Boy, this thing haves a Really good sound.

i have a single 12" speacker cab, with a celestion G12t(75 watts) on it, and i have the amp on "triode" mode cause it cut the power from 120 watts to 60 watts, so it wont blow the speaker, and i cant turn the volume knob over 7 , cause is too loud, and i love to play loud, but is just too loud, and again, it is just the half of the power, i cannot imagine how loud it will be with a propper 4x12" in pentode mode(full 120 watts). and one thing i found out to be true about tube amps but specialy in this one. "the louder you turn it, the better they sound".

i dont know if bugera still have those reliability problems. but my 1990 head, is really good, have no problems at all.

now the capability of this head. it has a really good clean chanel, you can have a really CLEAN chanel, i mean, "fender" clean type, and if you turn the clean gain up. u can have a crunchy type of sound, just like the marshalls do, now, the "Lead channel" have a really good distortion, really accurate and articulate type of sound, it claims to be a "HI-gain" head, but it doesnt go to the modern hi-gain territory, you can play metal with it, but it wouldnt sound as good as a modern type of amp (6505,dual rect,powerball..etc). but if you are looking for a amp to play ROCK. i cannot think in one better than this. if you turn the gain to half, you can play AC/DC,JET,Guns N roses and all that kind of bands, and it have Reverb, a really good reverb i dont play this amp without it, cause it came to life when you turn the reverb ON., this AMP is a ROCK machine. if ROCK is your battleground, this is your Weapon, and What a weapon.

the footswich have a really good length cable, but the power cord have not, im not a profesional musician, so the amp is not moving from place to place. but doesnt have the protecctions in the corners, so if you are a touring musician and you travel a lot, you have to be carefull with this baby. but remember, is a TUBE amp, so, you HAVE to be carefull with it anyways.

i hope this review can helps you.

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