Ceriatone Hot Rodded Son of Yeti 20-watt Amp Head

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Ceriatone Hot Rodded Son of Yeti 20-watt Amp Head

The Ceriatone Son of Yeti20 Watt Lunchbox amp is the little brother to the Yeti model. It is a modded British Plexi type amp that will cover the range from 60s classic rock to 80s hair metalto more modern metalall in a smallerlightweight package. From the famous Jose mods done to British Plexi ampsthis model also has more useful features added for more versatility.

Different to the Chupacabrathe Yeti is a less brightand tighter sounding ampwhile retaining the aggressiveness of the Chupacabra. It can also clean up to a vintage Plexi sounding amp much easier than its elder brother. The tweaks are just selection of component valuesto cater to the diverse crowd that finding out "Tone is actually affordable..."

The Son of Yeti and the OTS Mini 20 are real monstersboth are bad to the bone. They just make the kill in different ways....As standard with all Ceriatone ampsthis amplifier is Hand Wired with high quality components.

  • Power: 20 watts
  • Tubes: 6V6 x 212AX7 x 3
  • Controls: InputBright 1FocusGain 1Bright 2Gain 2EraMasterTrebleMiddleBassPresenceResonance 
  • Passive Effects Loop
  • Pussy Trim is now at the back for more versatility! We encourage you to explore the Pussy Trim for more pleasure in your playing! (PPIMV and ½ power switch not available on the Yeti).
  • External Bias Jacks (Make it easy to check and adjust bias) Individual Bias Pot (Now it possible to use those mismatched tubes you have stashed under the bed!) TONE! TONE! TONE!

Package Weight : 16.0 kg