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ESP Bottom Bump Electric Bass Guitar - Satin Red with White Filler
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ESP Bottom Bump Electric Bass Guitar - Satin Red with White Filler

ESP Bottom Bump Electric Bass Guitar - Satin Red with White Filler

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Product Description

ESP Bottom Bump Electric Bass Guitar - Satin Red with White Filler (BOTTOMBUMP-STARWH)

ESP Bottom Bump Electric Bass Guitar - Satin Red with White Filler

BOTTOM BUMP is the base of a new concept with a through-neck structure. The well-thought-out body shape with a laminated structure is easy to handle and fits the body reasonably well. A custom lab P & J combination is used for the pickup. Built-in cinnamon in the active circuit. A wide range of sounds can be created. The bridge is equipped with GOTOH 404 BO-4. You can also change the string tension to your liking.


New design by original laminate

  • I want to eliminate the unsatisfactory body noise that tends to occur in the base of the maple through neck structure.
  • The answer we arrived at as a result of trial and error was to laminate several different materials.
  • First of all, 5 pieces of hard maple, walnut and paduk, which can be said to be the heart of the through neck structure.
  • The thickness of this material that penetrates the center of the body is intentionally reduced, and the alder with a rich sound is laminated accordingly.
  • The wing material is a new design that combines ash with different densities.
  • Hard and heavy white ash is used for the top, and it can catch string vibration without loss.
  • The string vibration is played with a swamp ash on the back, which has a rich acoustic characteristic, to give the sound a bulge.

Style that produces tight string vibration

  • GOTOH's 404BO-4 is used for the bridge.
  • This bridge has a brass top on a zinc die-cast plate And you can choose from two types of string tension.
  • BOTTOM BUMP uses a back-through style that produces tighter string vibrations.
  • By stretching the strings from the body back and passing through the inside of the body once, the string vibration is transmitted from the body back to the entire body.
  • It also supports the style of stringing from the back of the bridge plate as before, so you can set it to your liking.

Compact body with good maneuverability

  • It is obvious when compared with a general base.
  • BOTTOM BUMP is packed in a very compact design.
  • It is a beautiful body shape that was born as a result of simulating various situations when sitting and playing, standing and holding.

Response-oriented neck heel

  • In the case of the through neck structure, the shape of the neck heel part is not limited and can be shaped into any shape, but excessive heelless cut will lose part of the string vibration.
  • BOTTOM BUMP is designed to maximize the string vibration transmitted to the neck.
  • The smooth cuts and the slightly narrower neck end width allow you to play in high positions without stress.

Characteristic fingerboard end slope

  • Among the various playing styles on bass, slap playing style has become indispensable in the contemporary genre.
  • Among them, thumbing up and down is a playing method that is difficult to learn and stressful to play at a good tempo.
  • The fingerboard end of BOTTOM BUMP is designed to be longer than usual, and the smooth slope processing makes thumbing dramatically easier.


  • ESP Custom Lab's 3BAND EQ CINNAMON, which is a standard base of ESP, is also built into BOTTOM BUMP.
  • In BOTTOM BUMP, the gain is set to a slightly higher value at the time of shipment from the factory, making it suitable for live performances, making it easy to create sounds with an amplifier.
  • Of course, by adjusting the gain trimmer inside the panel, it is possible to adjust the volume to the same level as when passive.

  • BODY : White Ash, Walnut, Swamp Ash Laminate (Thickness 40mm)
  • NECK : Hard Maple, Walnut, Paduak 7P
  • GRIP SHAPE : Thin U
  • FINGERBOARD : Rosewood
  • RADIUS : 240R
  • SCALE : 864mm
  • NUT : Unbleached Bone (38mm)
  • FRET : JESCAR FW55090-NS, 21frets
  • INLAY : Cray Dot
  • JOINT : Neck-thru-body
  • BRIDGE : GOTOH 404BO-4
  • PICKUPS : (Neck) ESP Custom Lab CL-PP-1, (Bridge) ESP Custom Lab CL-PJ-1b
  • PARTS COLOR : Black
  • CONTROLS : Master Volume, PU Balancer, 3 BAND EQ (ESP CINNAMON), EQ Thru Switch
  • SET STRING : .045-.105 (Elixir®)

Dimension Packaging Weight : 18.0 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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