FIFINE K670 USB Microphone, PC Microphone for Mac and Windows, for Recording, Streaming, Voice Overs, Podcasting for YouTube, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Online Meetings & Online Calls (K-670)

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FIFINE K670 USB Microphone,Fifine PC Microphone for Mac and Windows Computers,Optimized for Recording,Streaming Twitch,Voice Overs,Podcasting for YouTube,Skype Chats (K-670)

Introducing FIFINE K670:

Speaking, Singing, Music Playing Mic Review:


Streaming anywhere with good sounding 

  • USB condenser mic for plug & play on Windows PC/laptop, Mac and PS4. 
  • Compact size with detachable cable means great convenience of carrying it around.
  • No bother with tricky noise gate or compression setting on OBS, Twitch or Discord. 
  • Noise floor is remarkably low because of good signal to noise ratio and fine-tuned integrated circuit. 

Have better gaming or even conferencing experience

  • Full metal body withstands accidental drop; weighty anti-slide stand provides vibration-noise-proof;
  • Height & angle adjustable features give flexibility to set sweet pickup angle.   
  • Volume dial for handy adjustment on the fly. Make no pause in game, broadcast or web conferencing. 
  • Only with all these characters, the best computer microphone for sub $50 can be claimed.   

Add richness and clarity to make the best recording ever

  • Sound appears more engaged in front of 16mm capsule (2mm larger than Snowball).
  • You do not have to eat into it to get radio podcast sound for voice-over; 
  • Neither have to equip with stunning editing skill for YouTube videos, but count on the raw audio!   
  • The ace in sleeve will be shown when it comes to untreated or even noisy environment. 
  • Cardioid pattern reduces background sound, doggone big size capsule focuses more on your voice. 
  • Can not afford a fancy sound-proof room? This recording mic gets you round.

    Live monitoring feature makes it the best friend for podcaster

    • No-brainer choice: A simple headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring or trials and errors on buffer size setting? 
    • You can hear exactly what you sound like to others. This is important when you are presenting a radio show. 
    • Even a podcast guest will benefit from a mic with output jack. They will be able to live monitor and be more likely to self-regulate.
    • Editing is time-consuming. But now, you can do more adjustment at recording stage to make process easier.

    • Type : Condenser
    • Polar Pattern : Cardioid
    • Frequency Response : 50-15kHz
    • Sensitivity : -46±3dB (at 1kHz)
    • S/N Ratio : 66dB
    • Power Supply : 5V USB power
    • Output Connection  : USB 2.0

    Dimension Packaging Weight : 1.0 kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    I recently started a podcast with my best friend and did a lot of research to try to find the best ? affordable ?
    USB microphone with headphone monitoring.

    1 - Installing the microphone was a breeze.
    2 - This microphone sounds amazing for the money you are paying
    3 - Works great for podcasting, streaming, gaming, etc...
    4 - Looks fantastic! It has this blue LED light inside that makes the microphone pop!

    I highly recommend it!


    I am an old singer/ performer. I immediately set it up to use with audacity. Did a mix with "Chainbreaker" backing track. After a little audio adjustment I had a great recording. Yeah, its a condenser mic instead of a dynamic range thing but it worked fine. It picks up a bit too much background but, well, ok ( easy to fix with software). Worth much more and very easy to set up. Gonna go and record a few more songs now!! Nice new music toy.


    Hands down this mic is an absolute steal!!!! I was very skeptical, but when I tried it out for myself...MAN OH MAN!!!! I don't understand why it's so cheap. Zero latency on the USB, and whatever driver that's built-In this Bad Boy is Flawless....I mean Flawless. Just plug and play literally!!!! I recently purchased the XLR version of FIFINE...and I was highly disappointed, but for the accessories that came with worth what I paid for the Mic.

    Don't think twice about purchasing this mic!!!! Get it now!!!! Trust me, as a music producer...I approve this purchace.


    Just want to say that, you can't go wrong with this at all. The all metal construction and overall quality of the build of this microphone also matches the quality that you get out of the sound. This sounds REALLY good. And you'd be hardpressed to find a microphone that has a value as good as this one. The mic monitoring is also a really great addition with no feedback in the headset at all. I really do recommend this if you want an great bang for your buck.


    I am using this microphone to teach classes via Zoom and to meet with students using the same platform. The mic set up was beyond easy. Truly plug and play with my Dell PC. I wanted a microphone that gave my students a clear, distortion free signal, and I wanted something that I didn't have to speak directly into in order for it to provide that distortion free signal. The FiFine Podcast mic excels on both accounts, and for a very modest fee. It was a significant upgrade from what the microphone in my LogiTech webcam reproduced. Moreover, the microphone is solid, with a solid base, and so I don't have to worry about bumping my desk every now and then, which I do. For my applications, it easily earned its 5 stars.