Maxon AD999X Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal (AD-999X)

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Maxon AD999X Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal (AD-999X)

The AD999s Delay tone is pure analog heaven richround and three-dimensionalit reacts to your playing and breathes life into your performance. The AD999 is loaded with eight custom Bucket Brigade ICs for 900 milliseconds of warmorganic analog tone.  These BBDs are clocked extremely low to achieve the longest delay time possiblecreating a HUGE delay tone that recalls early 70s Pink Floyd with stunning accuracy. Yet the real magic of the AD999 is in the Delay repeats they exhibit a slightly overdriven tonality that sits perfectly behind dirty tones and adds depth and dimension to clean sounds.  This distortion reacts dynamically to your pick attackmaking the initial repeat pop slightly while the remaining repeats blend seamlessly with your original notes.


The repeats also feature a slight EQ spike at around 1.5 kHzpreventing them from getting muddy or non-descript.  This also allows the AD999 to maintain presence in a mix without having to raise your volume. While there are more affordable and more feature-laden Delays out thereyoud be hard-pressed to find one that sounds better than the AD999.  When players wax poetic about the mojo and mystery of analog delay THIS is what they are talking about.

  • 100% Analog Delay with 900 mS delay time
  • Gorgeouswarmorganic delay tone
  • Dynamic distortion on Delay repeats
  • Capable of self-oscillation effects
  • Custom Maxon MC4107D Bucket Brigade ICs
  • Stereo (wet/dry) outputs
  • True Bypass Switching