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Meinl HCS141620+10 Cymbal Set with 14" hihats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride + 10" Splash with Cymbal Bag

Meinl HCS141620+10 Cymbal Set with 14" hihats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride + 10" Splash with Cymbal Bag

Meinl HCS141620+10 Cymbal Set with 14" hihats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride + 10" Splash with Cymbal Bag

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Product Description

Meinl HCS141620+10 Cymbal Set with 14" hihats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride + 10" Splash with Cymbal Bag (HCS141620+10-P1)

Meinl HCS141620+10 Cymbal Set with 14" hihats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride + 10" Splash with Free Cymbal Bag

Supplying you with all of the essentials, the Meinl HCS Basic Cymbal Set is perfect if you're just starting to bring cymbals into your setup. You start with an articulate, clean-sounding 14" hi-hat pair to help you drive the beat. You also get a 20" ride that gives you a well-defined ping and nice bell. A smooth-sounding 16" crash adds a complex spread to your kit and does a satisfying job of rounding out your drum sound. And finally, the immediate, cutting response of the FREE 10" splash cymbal is great for quick accents. The Meinl HCS Basic Cymbal Set is a great way to put the finishing touches on your kit!

  • Provides beginners with all of the essentials they need to get started
  • 14" HCS hi-hats give you an articulate, clean sound to help you drive the beat
  • 20" HCS ride creates a well-defined ping with a nice bell
  • 16" HCS crash provides a smooth attack and adds a complex spread to your kit's sound
  • FREE 10" HCS splash provides an immediate, cutting bright response that's perfect for fast accents
  • Durable MS63 brass alloy holds up and maintains excellent tone
  • Provides a professional look as well as great sound
Dimension Packaging Weight : 9.6 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I think this cymbal pack is a great deal. They sound decent, the ride is the best sounding of the three and could be kept when you buy more expensive ones. The high hat sounds a little dull for my tastes and the crash is just okay. But, for the money, this is a great kit and probably all you need unless you are going to record.


Got these with my first drum kit, and they've served me well. They're extremely well-made, they sound leagues better than comparable Sabian, Paiste, and Zildjian cymbals, and they cost less to boot. Meinl is such an underrated company, but they're slowly getting the recognition that they deserve.

The hi-hats are nice and crisp, with not too much sustain. The crash is nice and cutting, also with a relatively short sustain. The ride has a surprisingly good bell, and it generally sounds good no matter where you hit it. I've beaten the crap out of these with some very thick sticks, and after polishing 'em, they show almost no signs of wear besides faded paint. No dents, no cracking, nothing. They still sound as good as when I got them.

These obviously not as nice as cymbals that are twice as expensive, but absolutely awesome for what they are. Want a good-quality beginner's cymbal that can take the beatings handed out to it from new players? This set is for you.

Rick R.

These cymbals are excellent sounding, price is right and durability is superb so far even considering that I play hard and loud. The hi-hats and ride are professional sounding but the crash doesn't have the decay or brightness one might expect. It even sounds a little cheap but what do you expect for the price. I would definitely buy it again.


I bought these in the winter. The hi hats are kind of cheap sounding, but the crash sounds great. You get what you pay for so this set is great for starters. I'm super stoked and glad i god these!


My son is a drummer and specifically asked for this brand. He really likes the set.

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