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Roland RD-88 88-key Stage Piano with Speakers
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Roland RD-88 88-key Stage Piano with Speakers

88-key Stage Piano with PHA-4 Standard Action, ZEN-Core Sound Engine with SuperNATURAL Pianos, Three Zones with MainStage Integration, and Onboard Speaker System

Roland RD-88 88-key Stage Piano with Speakers

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Product Description

Roland RD-88 88-key Stage Piano with Speakers (RD-88)

Roland RD-88 88-key Stage Piano with Speakers (RD88 RD 88)

Roland is on the cutting edge of evolving digital piano technology, and they’ve packed their latest stage piano, the RD-88, with renowned RD sound and playability in a lighter weight, more affordable instrument. For decades, pro keyboardists have trusted RD pianos have been trusted by professionals, gig after gig, on stages worldwide. Now, the RD-88 gives you the premium ivory feel of Roland’s PHA-4 Standard weighted action with escapement, along with their powerful next-generation ZEN-Core sound engine with SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric pianos. The interface, optimized for live performance, is quick and easy to use onstage with hands-on real-time controls and three zones with Apple MainStage integration. Amazingly, Roland has even built stereo speakers into the RD-88’s sleek chassis — incredibly handy for sketching out arrangements backstage!


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and setup
  • Easy to use interface optimized for live performance
  • 88-note PHA-4 Standard Keyboard with Escapement and Ivory Feel
  • ZEN-Core Sound Generator with SuperNATURAL Piano and E. Piano
  • Three zones with external control and Apple MainStage integration
  • 3 Parts; 3,000+ Tones, 400 Scenes
  • Zone Multi-effects: 3 systems, 90 types
  • Zone EQ: 3 systems
  • Zone Tone Color: 3 systems
  • Scene Multi-effects (IFX): 90 types
  • Sympathetic Resonance
  • Chorus/Delay: 8 types
  • Reverb: 6 types
  • Master Compressor
  • Master EQ
  • Input Reverb
  • Input EQ
  • Other functions: Favorite, Rhythm Pattern, Song Player, MIDI Master Keyboard, DAW Control
  • Controllers: Assignable Wheel x 2, Assignable Control knob x 8, Master Volume knob, Damper Pedal, Assignable Pedal x 2
  • 2-way stereo speaker system (6W/channel)
  • Graphic display: LCD, 128 x 64 dots
  • USB flash drive
  • Phones jack: stereo 1/4"
  • Output jacks (L/Mono, R): 1/4"
  • Mic input jack: 1/4"
  • Line input jack: stereo 3.5mm
  • Pedal (Damper, FC1, FC2) jacks: TRS
  • MIDI out jack
  • USB-to-device; USB-to-host (supports USB MIDI/AUDIO)

  • Sound Engine:ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL Piano, SuperNATURAL Electric Piano
  • Number of Keys:88
  • Type of Keys:PHA-4 keyboard with Escapement
  • Other Controllers:2 x Assignable Wheels, 8 x Assignable control knobs
  • Presets:Over 3000 tones
  • Effects:Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Compressor
  • Audio Inputs:1 x 1/4" (mic), 1 x 1/8" (aux)
  • Audio Outputs:2 x 1/4" (L/MONO, R)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4"
  • USB:1 x Type A (memory), 1 x Type B (device)
  • MIDI I/O:Out/USB
  • Pedal Inputs:3 x 1/4" (damper, FC1, FC2)
  • Pedal Included:Yes, damper, 2 x assignable
  • Built-in Speakers:2 x 4.7" woofer, 2 x .78" tweeter
  • Amplifier:2 x 6W
  • Display:LCD
  • Power Supply:12V DC power supply (included)
  • Height:6.3"
  • Width:50.5"
  • Depth:10.1"
  • Weight:29.8 lbs.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 16.8 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roland RD-88

Great packaging and fast delivery!

Stephen S.
Great keyboard when it works, lousy customer service

Roland has some very nice keyboards with a great action. I just wish that the support arm of the company had a great action. I bought a Roland RD 88 keyboard and 2 months later it died. I took it to a Roland repair center where it has been for over a month waiting for a part that is coming from Japan. When someone spends this much for a keyboard one would expect the company to keep adequate parts on hand to repair their product. I wish there was a feature below to rate the company's customer service

Great Overall Keyboard

I have been very happy with this keyboard. I was looking to replace my Alesis QS8 keyboard and was looking for one that was more portable and that had more "knobs" so I could control software synths and VSTs. This keyboard is about half the weight of other 88 key weighted keyboards. It is so much easier to take to and from events. The action on the keyboard is good. Some people say it is slow but I have not found this to be an issue.

-Weight: In order to make it light, Roland made the body out of plastic instead of metal/wood. This gives it a cheaper feel but I think the trade off is worth it. The keyboard also has an external DC power supply. I have heard some complain about this but again I think the lighter weight is worth the trade off....just don't forget your power supply when going to a gig....if you do, you can't simply use a normal power cable to plug in the keyboard. I would like to buy a spare power supply to keep in my gig bag but can't find one.

-Built in Speakers: The speakers, while small, are actually pretty good. I rarely turn on my studio monitors and usually just play with the built in speakers. The speakers are loud enough for an average living room but when playing with a band you will need an external speaker to hear yourself.

-Hybrid Features: This is classified as a digital piano. Most digital piano have under 20 sounds This one has thousands which makes it more like a keyboard. You can also modify the sounds (attack, delay, release, etc) and easily layer the sounds which makes it more like a synth. It also has many knobs that you can assign to different midi controllers. The knobs can be assigned per "scene" so you can have one scene for controlling Native Instrument VSTs, another for controlling IK Multimedia VSTs, etc. These features are typically found on midi controllers.

-Sounds: I think the sounds on the keyboard are pretty good. I am happy with the quality of the sounds and how easily you can layer 2 different sounds together. There are dedicated volume knobs for each layer which make it easy to change the character of the sound in real time.

-Audio Interface: There is a midi out and a USB out. The USB out sends midi and audio data. This feature surprised me and has been great. You can run Native Instruments or other VST on your computer, run one USB cable and play the VST. They keyboard functions as an ASIO audio interface. The midi is sent thru the USB and the VST sends audio back thru the USB. You no longer need an external audio interface to use VSTs with your computer. The VST sounds are outputted thru the keyboard's speakers and audio outputs. The knobs on the keyboard can easily control the various VST parameters. Since the keyboard acts as an audio interface, all the computer audio is outputted thru the keyboard's speakers and main outputs. This makes it easy to play along with your favorite YouTube videos and such.

I have only found a few things I don't like about this keyboard. Although I didn't realize these when I purchased the keyboard, I would still have purchased had I known them although I did feel a bit cheated.

-Midi Channels: The keyboard can not send/receive on all 16 midi channels. I couldn't believe this as my two other keyboards that are 10-15 years old transmit on all 16. I emailed Roland support and learned that this model can only transmit/receive on 2-3 midi channels at once. This makes it difficult to make an song solely using midi. You will need to record the parts as audio instead of midi or use VSTs. I guess VSTs are becoming more of the way to do midi recordings but this is a major change in my workflow.

-Drum Kits: There are no built in drum kits so you can not record your own custom drum tracks using the keyboard. You will need to use some VST drum software such as Addictive Drums. Again, you can work around this but it just seems odd as my two older keyboards both had multiple drums kits. There are pre-programmed drum patterns you can play along with for practice.

-Buttons/Input: I am used to keyboards that have a 10-key pad for entering sound numbers. If you want to get to sound 129, you simply type in 129. This keyboard doesn't have a 10 key. You instead need to go to sound 120, then hit the increase button 9 times. I think Roland's design thought process is that you will save your favorite sounds to the "Favorites" but I still prefer the ability to more quickly access the sounds. I also wish there was an input knob so you could twist it and quickly get to a sound. This would also be nice when naming sounds....currently you can only use the increase/decrease buttons to scroll through the letters (caps, non-caps, characters). This is painful entering sounds names like "Piano / Soft Pad 1".

Overall I have really enjoyed the keyboard and use it on nearly every day. The keyboard has some nice features and is reasonably priced.

Reasonably priced stage piano

Nice touch with ample sounds. Lightweight and compact. Roland's software integration offers a great expandability!

Love it

Absolutely love the keyboard

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