Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer (TR8)

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Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer (TR8)

There no question about it: the day the Roland TR-808 hit the street marked one of the biggest turning points in modern music. The jaw-dropping punch of the 808 kick established multiple genres of electronic dance music and upped the ante for pop and even rock beats. And a couple years laterwhen the TR-909 came into the mixthe crack of the snare and hiss of the hats sparked an even greater musical tide. Roland AIRA TR-8 Rhythm Performer doesn simply capture the sound and style of these iconic beat machines in all their glory; it offers modern electronic musicians like you a whole new range of tonestexturesand performance possibilities. If youe a high-tech music producer with a love of classic drum machinesthis is the groove box for you!

  • Two legendary TR series drum machines ? the TR-808 and TR-909 ? in one... and much more!
  • Analog Circuit Behavior technology provides component-to-component modeling for unrivaled authenticity
  • Includes 16 stunning kits made up of 11 instrument typesor you can build kits made of sounds from the TR-808 and TR-909
  • Control the intensity of the Accent function as well as per-step gated reverb and delay effects in real time with dedicated knobs
  • Built-in Side Chain function lets you create rhythmic ducking effects on external inputs with per-step control
  • Two assignable analog outputs plus full parallel outputs via USB offer total mixing flexibility
  • Enter steps manually or record your drums in real time to create grooves on the fly
  • Original TR-REC behavior provides an authentic TR series programming experience
  • Quickly mute and unmute individual instrument to rearrange your beat in real time
  • Perform rolls in 4 different styles to get the rhythmical effects you desire
  • 16 backlit per-step pads make pattern creation easy (supports up to 32-step patterns)
  • Traditional A/B pattern arrangement provides easy switching for maximum flexibility
  • Change Step Count during playback to create different length phrases
  • No separate record and play modes (as found on the originals) lets you seamlessly switch between pattern creation and performance
  • Dedicated Tempo controls and TR-909 Shuffle control lets you create beats that pulse and groove naturally
  • 7-segment/4-character LED display shows the current tempo and gives you easy access to the Tap Tempo function
  • Random pattern generation lets you discover new grooves and get creatively spontaneous during live performance
  • Scatter function with 10 styles and variable intensity lets you inject chaos and excitement into your patterns
  • USB connection provides audio and MIDI communication to your computer
  • Solid MIDI clock sync provides tight timing with external gearsuch as the rest of the AIRA series

USB:1 x Type B
Power:AC adapter
Weight:4.25 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number:TR-8

Package Weight : 3.533 kg