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Xotic Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter Effect Pedal
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Xotic Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter Effect Pedal

Xotic Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter Effect Pedal

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Product Description

Xotic Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter Effect Pedal (ROBOTALK2)

Xotic Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter Effect Pedal

Featuring two individual envelope filter channelsthe Xotic Robotalk 2 pedal delivers hyper-saturated wah sounds like nothing youe ever heard. Each channel is independently voicedso you can toggle between two distinctively different filter effects. Channel A loudforward character sounds great for single notes and solos. Channel B cleaner sound contains less midsmaking it well suited for lower notes and chords. Although both channels offer a myriad of effects by themselvesit when you stack them together that things really start to get funky. The guitarists have used the Robotalk 2 to create everything from slowwavy effects to choppy percussive sounds.

  • Versatile 2-channel envelope filter pedal for hyper-saturated wah sounds
  • Independently voiced channels for toggling between 2 different filter effects
  • Channel A loudforward character sounds great for single notes and solos
  • Channel B cleaner sound is well suited for lower range notes and chords
  • Activate channels individually or stack them together for a myriad of tones
  • Each channel features an independent VolumeSensitivityDecayand Resonance knob
  • Direct Volume knob blends your dry signal against the processed sound for precise control
  • Internal dip switches tailor the effect to your individual instrument
  • True bypass design preserves your tone

Pedal Type:Envelope Filter
Inputs:1 x 1/4"
Outputs:1 x 1/4"
True Bypass:Yes
Power Source:9V DC power supply sold separately
Batteries:1 x 9V
Weight:0.9 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number:RT2

Dimension Packaging Weight : 1.2 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mark S.
Best in its class

I cannot turn this overdrive off. I used to be a very light distortion type of guy but after buying this pedal I have changed. I'm trying to learn more heavy riffs and solo just to have an excuses to have this pedal on. The notes have amazing sustain and pierce through my amp. Its not noisy at all, and I'm playing a Gretsch Hollowbody through a Vox AC 15. It also gets along with the soul food, it goes after the SF in my chain. Meaning I use the SF to boost the SL and it sounds crazy, feedback-y, almost to fuzz zone but with no muddy/woofyness. I really recommend anyone that loves classic rock to look into this pedal.

Anthony M.
Highly recommended

I only had a couple of hours to try this pedal out so far but it's already a winner. The EP Boost is a great pedal that I've had for a while, but my pedal guy talked me into trying this out. So glad he did as I'm using it in the loop of my Amptweeker Tight Fuzz & it sounds even better than when I tried the EP Boost. The DIP switches give some nice versatility to the SL Drive & lots of room to experiment. It's not only a fun pedal to play around with but it has that nice feature that it's only as big as my big toe. Well, maybe a bit bigger than my big toe, but it's small. For me, it's not one of those ridiculously overwhelming distortions, which I really like because I don't use overwhelmingly distorting pedals ( hereafter know as OWDP's ) because it.....well....overwhelms your sound. You can get a nice touch of hair to pretty good hair, which you can hear in all the YouTube videos. Very versatile & fun to play with.

Excellent !

This is not a high gain pedal but if you're going to boost it or use it to boost an already overdriven amp it sounds incredibly like a woody old plexi. A lot of harmonics and crunchy dynamics!!! I use it for classic rock and blues for a stand alone and to boost the blue channel of my evh 5150 iii. Both applications work tremendously!

Kee Q.

This is definitely the closest thing I've ever heard for "Marshall-in-a-box" tones. Where other pedals occasionally do a great job getting Marshall tones, they're usually close but with an emphasis on a particular sound like a Plexi or Eddie Van Halen. But this box really captures Marshall tones the best I've heard in my 35 years of playing Marshalls.

I don't think it's going to do everything, as it's best used for either Hard Rock rhythm tones or as a boost for solos using an already distorted amp, but what it does do is give you a lot of flexibility with various Marshall sounds. The default is great, but there are 4 DIP switches inside that let you change the frequency response for tighter/looser lows, mids and trebles. My only beef is that the presets outlined on the bottom of the pedal and inside the manual are different, and there's only 8 listed even though there are numerous other settings you can create using these switches.

I wish they either a) covered the tonal differences for every possible DIP switch setting, or better yet explained the function of each of the four switches. For example, do they simply boost/cut Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble? That would make logical sense, but it's not documented whether that's the case. The pedal also seems to cut bass which I'd rather it didn't, however, the older Marshall tones this box provides really weren't very bass-heavy by today's standards since we've had the Mesa Rectifiers and the like.

The way I use this pedal is as follows:
Fender Strat into a small Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb (all tube, 12 watts) >
Fulltone OCD for rhythm >
SL Drive for solos.

You can use the SL Drive for just rhythms if you like, even add another pedal for solo boosting.

This pedal is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. If you love Marshall tones, you can't go wrong with this. Just keep in mind it's not a high gain pedal. Here's a great YouTube video demoing the default setting: - check out other videos for more settings.

The notes !

Best marshall style pedal period.i tried like 20 of used to a vintage plexi halfstack so pedals feel fake and odd..when i use a cheap combo amd want a better od,this is truly warm,responsive and kills the rest..i liked angry charlie too but sold it,this was so similar ,cheaper,smaller.. worth it. Just buy it

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