Are you experiencing difficulties with the digital mixer and sound system in your church? Don't worry, we're here to assist you!

Since our establishment in 2019, our professional audio Team Onyx has been providing solutions and installing professional audio systems specifically for churches across the country, regardless of their application, location, or size, with some of the world's leading brands in professional audio that we distribute, such as Midas, Behringer, Yamaha, Allen & Heath and many more.

Our services extend beyond installation; we also offer continuous support to ensure that every PA system operates smoothly in all the worship houses we have installed.

And here's a good news! We're currently providing a FREE Church Worship Digital Mixer Training Program by our pro audio experts for all churches!

We’ll guide you and your team with technical knowledge to explore the full capabilities of your mixing desk and everything about your sound system in our comprehensive 2-hour training course, from A to Z!

Whether you're experiencing problems with your analog or digital mixers, sound mixing technique, audio knowledge, or any other issues related to the PA system in general, we're here to lend a helping hand!