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Wired VS Wireless: A Quick Shootout


Wired microphones have been with us for about 100 years, but the wireless aren’t new either – they were first used in 1949.

When we talk about these types of microphones, the question “which is better” is not the best one to ask. Both types of microphones have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired Mic Advantages

Solid signal and better sound quality
A wired microphone is connected to an amplifier with a cable, so there is a small chance of interference and you get the best possible sound.

No dead spots
A signal travels through a cable, so you don’t have to worry about dead spots.

Easier to setup
Wired microphones are easier to set up. With wireless mics, you have to be sure that all the receivers are set to a different channel and other signals (radio or TV) don’t interfere with the signal of a microphone. With wired microphones, there are fewer things that can go wrong.

More reliable
Interference, intermodulation distortion and drops can happen for different reasons with wireless mics. With wired mics, when there is a high-quality cable you won’t have to deal with these issues.

Wireless Mic Advantages

Freedom of movement
This is probably the biggest advantage of a wireless mic. You can walk around the stage without the need to deal with cables. This is not only more comfortable but also safer.

The more expensive wireless microphones have increased range, so there is a small risk of a poor signal during a performance.

No tangling
With wireless microphones, you can avoid cable tangling. Fewer microphones that are visible make everything look cleaner and save you setup time.

Less prone to feedback noise
Some artists say that wireless microphones are less prone to feedback noise.

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