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About Beyerdynamic

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Beyerdynamic has been at the forefront of transducer technology for about a century. As a forward-thinking company, they remain focused on the future and continue to revolutionize various aspects of the music industry with their innovative designs. At Music Bliss, This private German company has managed to consistently keep its finger on the pulse of the recording industry, producing some of the best microphones and headphones on the market. 

Beyerdynamic's fame lay in their headphone production. In fact, their first commercially available headphones - the DT48 - remained in production from 1937 until 2012. True to their design philosophy of improving rather than reinventing their products, even their Premium Line headphones, such as the DT 770 and DT 990 models, have been around since the early '80s. Today, these studio reference headphones are among the most trusted personal mix monitors used by top record producers and engineers.

The most popular or the most famous microphone made by Beyerdynamic today is the M 160 hyper-cardioid double-ribbon microphone. Just as their headphones have a legacy that stretches well into the past, this unique ribbon mic owes its development to the original E 1000, which Beyerdynamic created for the Beatles for use on their 1966 tour through Germany. These days, Beyerdynamic's standard dynamic microphones are also extremely popular, particularly for recording drums and acoustic instruments.

Beyerdynamic had grown since its founding period in 1924. In the decades that followed, their products have graced the stage with the Beatles, the podium with Queen Elizabeth II, the arenas of the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, and even the halls of the German parliament. Today, Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn is separated into two business divisions - audio systems and headphones - and both are among the top in their fields. Yet they remain true to their roots, developing each product in Germany and building most products by hand, which makes Beyerdynamic a truly phenomenal company.