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For Many Years, Rode Microphones have been widely used in all media fields, from independent filmmakers and bedroom home recordings to professional broadcasting and recording studios. A company called Rode specialises in studio and live microphones that can be used for a variety of applications.

The audio company Rode, which is Australian-owned and -operated, is well-known in the music industry for producing solidly constructed items with excellent sound quality. Since 1967, the business has operated under the name Freedman Electronics. Rode wasn't established until 1990, when their affordable recording equipment helped the business take off.

It was only natural that a company like Rode would be so well-known given the rise of home recording in the 1990s. Their microphones were and still are of excellent quality and affordability. By the year 2000, they had established themselves as a true powerhouse, and their factories in China allowed them to produce an enormous quantity of high-quality goods that would revolutionise the home recording industry.

The straightforward NT1-A, a highly affordable home condenser, is by far the most well-known Rode microphone. Because it provides warm, crystal-clear tones, it's likely the most popular home condenser mic we carry. Due to their high fidelity and crystal clear response, the NT55s, one of their most well-known pencil mics, are favoured by drummers and acoustic guitarists.

If you want to record every nuance of an instrument, whether it be vocals, a guitar cab, or anything else, the NTR Ribbon mic is also worth a look. Rode is renowned for its sound design microphones that are compatible with DSLR cameras. You can attach one of these mics to your DSLR camera to significantly improve the audio quality.

These mics are very popular among amateur and professional film enthusiasts. Even for using film cameras, they have received recognition from the music industry. Not to mention their discreet Lav microphones, which are excellent for on-camera interviews. Both the Stereo Video Mic Pro and Stereo Video Mic X are excellent examples of high-quality, reasonably priced film equipment.

Another option is the NTG2 shotgun mic, which has an incredibly small recording field and is ideal for filming conversations without getting in the way. In case you need a replacement, Rode also offers a variety of accessories, including boom poles, cables, and windshields. Visit Music Bliss to see Rode Malaysia Now in our collection.

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