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Native Instruments

Native Instruments began as a maker of music software in 1996, and their groundbreaking modular software synthesizer "Generator" later evolved into the potent virtual instrument now known as Reaktor. Native Instruments amassed a sizable library of potent virtual instruments, mixing tools, and cutting-edge compositional programs over the years, so it was only a matter of time before they started to develop corresponding hardware to give users a more immersive, hands-on experience with their software.

A collection of NI's extensive music software library that could be purchased in a single straightforward package, Komplete, was first introduced in 2003. Naturally, the price for this initial version was commensurate with the size and weight of the box! For many producers who don't want their sound to be constrained by a particular style or genre, Komplete has since evolved into an exceptional value for the money; it now offers an unprecedented range of tools and virtual instruments.

In 2009, NI released the first iteration of Maschine, a system for producing groove-based music that made the most of their incredible software library. A pretty powerful compositional setup is provided by Maschine and the Komplete software collection.

Since then, they've significantly increased their hardware lineup by introducing the Maschine Jam production and performance system and the Komplete Kontrol Keyboards. While digital DJing is now widespread, Traktor's development was instrumental in bringing it to the fore and freeing DJs from the limitations of analog decks.

The idea of completely computer-based DJing became a reality in 2001 when NI released Traktor software. The first DJ controller with fully integrated hardware and software was then produced by NI in 2004. Traktor keeps providing DJs with the resources they need to promote their music in fresh and original ways.

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