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Since the 1930s, Shure has defined modern music and is a well-known brand when it comes to microphones and audio accessories. It is almost certain to be found in any studio, venue, or rehearsal space around the world due to their longstanding reputation for producing equipment that is dependable, affordable, and durable. Sidney N. Shure established the business in Chicago in 1925. Initially focused on providing radio components, it eventually expanded into the production of microphones in response to the great depression.

They were one of only four US microphone manufacturers by the 1930s thanks to their innovations. They started using the military-spec quality control, which is still in use today, when they were asked to supply microphones for the US war effort in 1941. As they carried on innovating in the 1950s, they unveiled the first ribbon microphone, first wireless microphone system, first unidirectional microphone, and the 55S, which became known as the "Elvis Mic."

Then, in the 1960s, they introduced the iconic and instantly recognisable SM57 and SM58 microphones, which are still in use today and are almost certainly present in any producer's recording setup. In addition to continuing to make top-notch microphones, Shure has also diversified into other types of live sound and studio gear, including wireless systems and monitoring. Due to their variety, dependability, and unblemished reputation, they continue to be one of the most recognisable names in the sector.

Since its debut in the 1950s, the SM58 has been used by countless vocalists and musicians, earning it the title of most widely used microphone of all time. They now manufacture conference and public speaking microphones, recording microphones, mobile microphones, professional video microphones, and many more. Shure was a pioneer in enabling musicians to move around freely on stage without being constrained by cables.

They produce wireless mics, wireless guitar / performance systems, wireless videography, field production hardware, and more thanks to their innovation, which keeps them a leading name in wireless performance & recording technology. Along with a robust line of mixers and studio rack units that are all highly praised for their dependability and sound quality, Shure has also established a reputation for producing personal / in-ear monitoring for performance and recording.

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