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Music Bliss Guitar Service & Repair Department

At Music Bliss, we offer various guitar service & repair needs to our customers. The Music Bliss Team has in house experience technicians to solve problems for your beloved guitars; we are committed to ensure that you have a good customer experience & be rest assured that your product is well taken care of.

Kindly take time to go through our list of service & repair items. If you have any queries/ do not find the list of services below that suit your needs, please feel free to reach out to our friendly service & warranty department staffs. They will do their very best to solve your needs.

A. Restring:

Our restring service includes *Conditioning & cleaning of the fretboard with Lemon Oil to ensure your guitar is clean & well conditioned to prevent drying & cracking of the fretboard.

*Lemon Oil will only be applied to fretboards made of Rosewood,Ebony, Pau Ferro and other dark wood variants. Maple fretboards will not received this treatment as it is not recommend for this type of wood.

---Service & Repair Type -- Price --

  • Electric Guitar/ Fixed Bridge -- RM15
  • Electric Guitar/ Floyd Rose -- RM25
  • Acoustic Guitar -- RM15
  • 12-String Acoustic/ Electric Guitar -- RM20
  • Classical Guitar/ Nylon -- RM20
  • Bass -- RM15
  • Ukelele -- RM15
  • Violin & Cello- (By appointment; Please Call 018-205 9163) -- RM30
  • With Every Purchase of Elixir Strings -- FREE STRING CHANGE

B. Full Guitar Setup

A full Guitar Set Up is the equivalent of getting your vehicle serviced. With the proper care and maintenance from our technicians, your guitar will be perfectly fine tuned for use on the road and in the studio. We offer two different packages for our setups.

1) Our Basic Set Up package will include the following:

  • Cleaning & Conditioning of Fretboard
  • Neck Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Fret Shine/Polishing
  • Bridge & Action Adjustment
  • Pickup Height Optimization
  • Intonation
  • Nut & Machine Head Lubrication
  • Electronic Check & Cleaning

Upon inspection if required, our technicians may advice you to go for a full setup; this is especially recommended for guitars with dead spots, notes not ringing clearly (ie buzzing), uneven frets due to defects or wear & tear.

2) Our Full Set Up will include everything from a Basic Set Up as well as:

  • Fret Levelling
  • Fret Crowning
  • Fret Edge Dressing
  • Fret Polishing
---Service & Repair Type -- Price --
  • Truss Rod Adjustment ONLY -- RM30
  • Truss Rod + Action Adjustment ONLY -- RM60
  • Truss Rod + Action + Intonation ONLY -- RM90
  • Basic Set Up Starting from -- RM150 *Excluding strings
  • Full Set Up (Includes Fret Levelling) -- RM250 – RM320 *Includes free set of strings

C. Pickup Installation & Electronic Part Replacement/ Modification

Applies to humbucker & single coil pickup. Price does not include modifying the instrument to accommodate the pickup (if necessary). Additional fees may apply to Active/Battery/Large Preamp powered systems.

---Service & Repair Type -- Price -- Additional Information --
  • Pickup Electric Guitar & Bass -- RM50 per Pickup -- *Price may vary if body modification required
  • Acoustic/Classical Guitar Pickup -- RM200 -- *Price for pickup with basic preamp, output jack & piezo installation
  • 3 Way Selector Switch -- RM40 -- *Price excludes parts
  • 5 Way Selector Switch -- RM65 -- *Price excludes parts
  • Volume & Tone Pot -- RM25 -- *Price excludes parts
  • Output Socket RM20 -- *Price excludes parts
  • Push/ Pull tone and Volume Pot -- RM50 -- *Price excludes parts
  • Full Wiring -- RM180 -- *Price excludes parts
  • Full Wiring+Shielding -- RM230 -- *Price excludes parts

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