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ESP LTD Guitars & Basses

For almost 30 years, ESP and LTD Guitars has faithfully served renowned guitarists and bassists such as George Lynch and Frank Bello in shaping the landscape of guitar sound. Providing outstanding playability and craftsmanship, their electric guitars are excellent tools to create anything from beefy classic rock tones with infinite sustain to the screaming pinch harmonics found in metal. For bassists, ESP and LTD basses offer stunning designs while delivering tones ranging from crisp, vibrant high end to rumbling growls on the low end. It's hard to pass up these shred-ready machines from ESP LTD Guitars.

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In 1995, ESP launched their LTD Series to be able to offer guitars and basses that were affordable enough for more musicians to own, and yet offered better playability and sound quality than other guitars in their price range. LTD Guitars has been consistently serving renowned guitarists and bassists including George Lynch, Metallica, and Frank Bello in creating the landscape of guitar sound for nearly 30 years.

Their electric guitars are wonderful tools for creating anything from beefy traditional rock tones with unlimited sustain to screaming pinch harmonics prevalent in metal, thanks to their outstanding playability and craftsmanship. LTD basses have attractive looks and create tones that range from crisp, lively high end to thundering growls on the low end for bassists. It's difficult to resist LTD Guitars' shred-ready machines.

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