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Top 4 Best Wired Lavalier Mics 2022

About Top 4 Best Wired Lavalier Mics 2022

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Top 4 Best Wired Lavalier Mics Malaysia for Vlogging, Interviews, Recording Sessions, Best Lavalier Mics for Video Recordings, Camera Recording, Phone Recordings

If you are filming a video that features a lot of interviews, it’s a good idea to have and use a lavalier microphone. Why is it important to have a lavalier mic? First, let’s look at what else a lavalier mic is called. It is also known as a clip mic, body mic, or lapel mic because that is how you use it. It is a small mic that you clip onto your subject's body, usually on their lapel or collar.

Because of the small size of the lavalier mic, it can be discreetly and be placed nicely close to someone’s mouth. This means that you can capture their voice clearly without picking up the background noise. It’s also easy to hide in the person clothing so it makes the interview footage seem more “candid” and natural. The hands-free nature of a lavalier mic also makes using it a lot more comfortable for the person you're shooting.

Hence here we present to you the best Lavalier wired mics for all recording purposes, from podcasts to vlogging & news reporting.

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