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Zoom is known for making cost-effective, adaptable audio equipment that can meet any need. Japanese company Zoom produces a wide variety of goods.

They've found success with guitarists thanks to their reasonably priced FX units, producers and engineers thanks to their user-friendly mixing tools, and even journalists thanks to their excellent portable recorders! In Tokyo, Japan, Zoom was established in 1983.

The business initially created audio and MIDI solutions for other producers, which gave them invaluable experience and propelled them forward in the market. But in 1990, they unveiled the 9002, a small multi-effects processor that could be fastened to a guitar strap, which was their first entirely original product.

It was an instant hit during a time of technological advancement and rising hype surrounding digital technology! Soon after, the rack-mountable FX units 9010 and 9200 appeared. These units quickly spread to studios all over the world.

Expanding into foot pedals in the late '90s, Zoom continued to innovate by taking advantage of the enormous demand for small, flexible effects units for guitarists and producers. These pedals also proved to be extremely popular. They started to diversify into pro-audio and recording technology in the middle of the 2000s.

A built-in microphone, 96/24 high-quality audio recording straight to an SD card, and even built-in effects were all included with the H4 Handy Recorder when it was released. It established them as a key supplier in the market and was one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment to date! Nowadays, as the business develops new products each year, the Zoom catalogue keeps growing.

They have carved out two main niches—guitar effects and mobile recording—as their background would imply, though they also do other things. Each of their guitar effects units is made to fit a specific style or need and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are all renowned for their excellent features and low prices.

It is well known that the G Series multi-FX units are the ideal entry point into the world of guitar effects and tone. Don't be deceived by their low prices; these feature-rich stompboxes are packed with every effect imaginable! Again, their selection of mobile recording devices is made to work with a variety of applications.

Their numerous microphone options and built-in effects make them perfect for home recording or rough demos during songwriting sessions. They're ideal for on-the-go recording at events like gigs, interviews, and events because they're also portable and simple to use. Mixers, multitrack field recorders, audio accessories, and even video cameras are all produced by Zoom.

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