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Friedman Small Box Distortion Pedal
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Friedman Small Box Distortion Pedal

Friedman Small Box Distortion Pedal

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Product Description

Friedman Small Box Distortion Pedal (SMALLBOX)

Friedman Small Box Distortion Pedal

With the Friedman Small Box Distortion Pedal, now you can put the responsive, harmonically rich tone of Friedman's acclaimed Small Box amplifier on your pedalboard A 2-way gain structure switch offers big tonal versatility use high-gain mode for searing lead distortion tones, or switch it to the lower-gain mode and dial back the gain knob for a dirty boost that melds perfectly with your amplifier's front end. The Small Box Distortion Pedal's punchy, tube-like tone can be shaped for practically any combination of guitar and amplifier with its bass, mid, treble, and presence controls.

  • Overdrive/distortion pedal based on the Small Box amplifier
  • Responsive, harmonically rich tone
  • 2-way gain structure switch lets you choose between a low-gain dirty boost and high-gain distortion
  • Amp-like 3-band EQ and Presence control fine-tune your tone for any application
  • True bypass switching completely removes the circuit from your signal path when disengaged

  • Pedal Type : Distortion
  • True Bypass : Yes
  • Power Source : 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Height : 2.5"
  • Width : 2.5"
  • Depth : 4.75"
  • Weight : 1 lbs.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 0.6 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Plexi Party

I had my eyes on this amp for a few years and finally pulled the trigger. Should have done it ages ago. Absolutely love the simplicity of the layout. It was at least one of the features that attracted me most. The plexi channel is just what you would imagine. Very versatile and accepts pedals very well. The BE channel is massive and a boost pedal can take you to the portal of the dark lord! Cleans up nice just by turning the volume knob on your guitar down. This amp acceded my expectations.

Cindy W.
Super versatile plexi style amp-in-a-box!

This pedal is hands down a work of art for anyone looking for the "Plexi" in a box tone. The unit work very well into the front end of a clean amp, but also as a dirty boost to an already overdriven amplifier. Lastly, it does a great job directly into speaker IR's giving a unique amp-in-a-box take on the plexi sound. Two things up!

Seth F.

This pedal is flat out awesome. I'm running it into a Bad Cat Cub III 30 and an Orange OR15. I'm able to achieve great results into both amps that are drastically different. It's very tweakable and the controls are really interactive. It's basically like learning a new amp. I love how touch sensitive it is. It's not super compressed but really dynamic and inspiring. My favorite way to run it so far is into my Bad Cat on the EF86 channel set to the edge of breakup. It seems to really mold itself into one with the amp and really gives me that plexi vibe. If you're looking for a compressed high gain pedal look elsewhere but if your looking for touch sensitive Plexi mojo this is your ticket. I've tried it with 9 and 18 volts and prefer it with 18 for the increased headroom. The extra headroom seems to help it if I decide to throw a boost into the front of it for more compression or a mid boost. I'm still in the beginning stages of having it but so far I'm loving it and it's my new favorite.

Chun H.

The hype is real. Running this pedal through a '65 Fender Twin Reissue (Vibrato Channel 1) and it definitely nails the Marshall Plexi tone w/sizzle to boot (Marshall users exactly what this means). The tone, character and presentation into a clean amp is seriously dynamic and authentic; this pedal replicates the Marshall gamut from a 18-watt Bluesbreaker-style to a JCM800. It stands on its own and is the best-sounding OD pedal I have heard in 40+ years of industry experience.

Want some REALLY delicious tones? Put some color in front of it such as a JHX Unicorn and you won't be able to put your guitar down. Boxed up my JHS Thunderbolt and moved the OCD over to position #2; this is now the one. Buy it; you will NOT be anything other than impressed.

David A.W.
Great pedal

Great pedal

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