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Sequential Prophet-5 61-key Analog Synthesizer
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Sequential Prophet-5 61-key Analog Synthesizer

61-key 5-voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with Two VCOs, 4-pole Lowpass Filter, LFO, Poly-Mod, Aftertouch, and Full-sized Semi-weighted Fatar Keyboard

Sequential Prophet-5 61-key Analog Synthesizer

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Product Description

Sequential Prophet-5 61-key Analog Synthesizer (Prophet-5)

Sequential Prophet-5 61-key Analog Synthesizer

Renowned synth designer Dave Smith is back, and he’s brought with him the most powerful Prophet-5 yet! A reimagination of the iconic 5-voice polyphonic synth, the Prophet-5 Rev4 is packed with features from every iteration of the Prophet-5. It inherits its ultra-stable voltage-controlled oscillators from the Rev3 and provides you with a choice between the Rev1 and Rev2’s Rossum-designed filter or the Rev3’s Curtis-designed filter. A unique vintage knob even lets you choose from behavior characteristics of the earlier versions. With its knob-per-function architecture, the Prophet-5 never fails to inspire just ask the synthesists at Music Bliss To get you started right out of the box, the Prophet-5 comes loaded with a stellar selection of factory presets, and it includes 200 user slots for storing your custom-made patches. Not only does the Prophet-5 sound incredible, but it’s also contained in a collector-grade steel housing, with hand-oiled black walnut accents and end cheeks. Dave Smith and the folks at Sequential struck gold with the Prophet-5, a drool-worthy synth for analog aficionados!

  • 5-voice polyphonic synth with pure analog signal chain
  • Dual Curtis VCOs with PWM and hard sync
  • 2 Selectable filter types — Rossum-designed 2140 and Curtis-designed CEM 3320
  • LFO with sawtooth, triangle, and square wave shapes and initial amount control
  • Modulation destinations include oscillator A and B frequency, pulse width modulation, and filter cutoff
  • Knob-per-function architecture inspires expressive performance
  • Unison mode with configurable voice count for fat monophonic tones
  • Responsive mod wheel and spring-loaded pitch wheel
  • Polyphonic glide
  • 200 user and 200 factory patch memory slots
  • USB MIDI and 5-pin MIDI in/out/thru
  • Volume, filter cutoff, and sustain pedal inputs
  • Mod line and stereo headphone outputs
  • Collector-grade steel housing with oil-rubbed walnut accents and end cheeks

  • Type : Keyboard Synth
  • Analog/Digital : Analog
  • Number of Keys : 61
  • Type of Keys : Semi-weighted, Fatar Keyboard
  • Aftertouch : Yes
  • Other Controllers : Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
  • Polyphony : 5-voice
  • Presets : 200 x User, 200 x Factory Programs, 5 x Banks (40 programs each)
  • Oscillators : 2 x VCO, Hard Sync
  • Waveforms : Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle (oscillator B)
  • LFO: 1 x LFO : Sawtooth, Triangle, Square
  • Filter : 4-pole Lowpass Filter, Curtis-designed CEM 3320, Rossum-designed 2140
  • Envelope Generator : ADSR (filter), ADSR (amplifier) ; Velocity Modulation
  • Audio Outputs : 1 x 1/4" (audio out)
  • Headphones : 1 x 1/4"
  • USB : 1 x Type B
  • MIDI I/O : In/Out/Thru/USB
  • Pedal Inputs : 1 x 1/4" (amp), 1 x 1/4" (filter)
  • Other I/O : 2 x 1/4" (CV in/out), 1 x 1/4" (Gate in/out), 1 x 1/4" (release)
  • Features : Polyphonic Portamento Glide, Unison Mode
  • Power Source : Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height : 4.9"
  • Width : 37.5"
  • Depth : 16.4"
  • Weight : 31 lbs.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 16.8 kg

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