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Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive Pedal
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Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive Pedal

Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive Pedal

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Product Description

Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive Pedal (SA244)

Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive Pedal

Like all their One Series pedals, there's a lot more to the Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive pedal than meets the eye. The three factory-equipped overdrive engines cover popular territory choose from a cranked British amp sound, a screamer-type overdrive, and a smooth tube-amp-style overdrive. Where the magic happens is with Source Audio's Neuro Editor software, which takes you inside the pedal's powerful 56-bit Sigma DSP and allows you to fine-tune all sorts of parameters. Neuro also gives you access to more overdrive engines, including distortions and fuzz too. And once you've created your ideal effects, you can save up to three of them on the Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive pedal for instant recall, without ever having to open the editor again.

  • 3 distinctive overdrive modes onboard, with more available via Neuro Editor software
  • Free Neuro Editor offers access to additional overdrive, distortion, and fuzz engines, plus deep parameter tweaking
  • Stock overdrive types include Classic, Crunch, and Smooth
  • Stereo I/O with multiple effects routing options
  • Switchable bypass modes choose from buffered or true bypass
  • Expression control input can control up to 3 simultaneous parameters

  • Pedal Type : Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital : Digital
  • Inputs : 2 x 1/4"
  • Outputs : 2 x 1/4"
  • MIDI I/O : USB
  • Other I/O : 1 x 1/8" (control pedal)
  • USB : 1 x Mini-B
  • True Bypass : Yes, switchable to analog buffered
  • Software : Neuro Desktop Editor( (Mac, Windows), Neuro Mobile App (iOS, Android)
  • Power Usage : 180 mA
  • Height : 2.21" (including knobs)
  • Width : 2.75"
  • Depth : 4.58"
  • Weight : 0.62 lbs.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 0.6 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
J. M.
Awesome great sounding pedal

Saw a recent Sweetwater video demo of this pedal and thought it definitely sounded great for a digital pedal. Ordered one and still finding great overdrive,distortion and fuzz tones. The fine editing with the nero app really makes this a tone machine.
I use it through a Roland Blues Cube Hot and totally blown away. I am sort of a pedal junkie and own many of them but cant seem to put this one down. The Stock presets alone would make this pedal worth it IMO but I recently saved some awesome sounding patches that just sound incredible.
Also very cool that it has a built in noise gate setting as well. I am surprised that I haven't tried this pedal earlier since it's already 2 years since it's been released.
All the analog purists should at least give this pedal a try and dont judge it until you used it with the nero app. You just may change your mind.

Drive Chameleon

Yes, it's digital dirt, but to my ears, after extensive comparison to some of my favorite analog pedals, it sounds completely legitimate. Plus... you get all the flexibility that the digital realm offers: presets, extensive editing capabilities, a myriad of distortion "engines". This thing can really be just about anything you want it to be. I would urge analog ideologues to at least give it a chance.

Michael P.C.
Four Stars

I was nice however I did not bond with it and ended up returning

J. W.
Ridiculously good value and sound quality

Ridiculously good value and sound quality. The three default OD/distortion option on the LA Lady easily make this pedal well worth it, but when you have the ability to dial in dozens of additional distortion engines using a drop down menu on your phone app, it takes the value of these Source Audio pedals waaaaaaaaay over the top. OCD? Klon? Rat? Muff series? On and on and on...each Source Audio pedal is like owning multiple iconic pedals of your choosing. Even more impressive than the amount of choices you have is the actual sound quality of the various distortion engines. If you own a lot of boutique pedals and A/B them against Source Audio, it's going to be very hard not to be impressed. The hardest part about these Source Audio pedals is just choosing how you want to customize your setup from among all your's crazy. First world problems!

Deena E.
Totally Blown away!!! For price, this has to be the best pedal on market!

Wow!!! This is the first pedal that actually has replaced others from my board, somethig thr Riverside didn't do, the Sunset or Brithers didn't do... this is the Real Deal! Source Audio is the real deal people!!! Get them before they start charging more!

Like many, Source Audio took me by surprise... AGAIN!
Of courde the Nemesis and other digital pedals have been accepted we are always skeptical about a nice tube like overdrive, or a massive harmonic sustain of a Muff... when i tried the Strymon Riverside I have to admit I was dissapointed, maybe because of my high expectations, I thought the Tiverside was going to replace a fee of my drive pedals... and there are quite a few... but that didn't end up happening... I later got the Chase Bliss Brothers, ehich is awesome, but it doesn't really soubd like my other pedals... like my gunshot, or muffroom cloud, fat fuzz factory, fet driver, bondi sick ass, swollen pickle, fat sandwich, rat, deluxe bug muff aming others...
So I got the LA. Lady afer watching the Henning Pauly video... mostly because I plannig on getting the Soleman and neuro hub controller... and I have the programmable eq, nemesis, plan on getting the Ventris and so i thought a drive and fuzz would be cool if I want a small to go all source audio rig ... but only to be completaly blown away by this pedal! Every single engine on the la lady, and they are a lot! From tube screamer to the pi, to the rat and ocd... actually, I pretty confident with their deep eq you can recreate pretty much any, ANY sound you can think of... and digital? Digital what? Honestly... this pedal never, ever sounds digital! The dynamics and harmonics are oh so sweet! This has to be the best pedal on the market ...

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