Zildjian Planet Z 10" Splash Cymbal (PLZ10S)

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Zildjian Planet Z 10" Splash Cymbal (PLZ10S)

Whether you're a beginning student or a lifelong learner, the redesigned Planet Z cymbal series is a great place to kick off your musical journey. American made from an exclusive Zildjian alloy, Planet Z cymbals deliver a bright, cutting attack for big presence onstage and a focused response for control under studio mics. These are not just good cymbals "for the money," but a solid option for players in any price category. No matter what style of music you enjoy, Planet Zs are an easy and affordable way to complete your setup. This 10" splash is perfect for accenting and ornamenting around the kit. Its funky, punchy attack hits fast and decays quickly for more ephemeral momentum-building, including song intros and vocal underscoring.

  • 10" splash from the Planet Z series
  • Punchy attack
  • Quick decay
  • Bright tone
  • Tight and focused response
  • Perfect for accenting and ornamentation
  • Crafted in the USA from an exclusive Zildjian alloy

  • Type:Splash
  • Size:10"
  • Weight:Thin
  • Finish:Traditional
  • Material:Brass
  • Pitch:High
  • Sound:Bright
  • Sustain:Short
  • Volume:General
  • Bell Size:Small