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Go Wireless! With Xvive U4, U4R2, and U4R4 In-Ear Monitoring System

Any musician will tell you that having a good monitoring setup is frequently what makes the difference between a good gig or session and a great one. This is true both in the studio and on stage. As technology advances and stages become more silent, in-ear monitoring is growing in popularity. As a result, good wireless in-ear monitoring solutions are becoming an indispensable part of every live and studio musician's toolset.

People often seek out precise sound, great wireless range, minimal interference, and long battery life in wireless in-ear monitoring. Traditionally, these requirements have come at a steep price tag. But today the Xvive U4 In-Ear Monitoring Wireless System seeks to change that with its exceptional feature set at an accessible price point.

Enter, XVive U4, U4R2 and U4R4 In-Ear Monitoring Wireless System!

The majority of wireless in-ear systems consist of a big transmitter base—often a half- or full-sized rack unit with delicate, frail antennas that are both heavy and difficult to transport—coupled with compact, pocket-sized receivers. The Xvive U4 offers the smallest wireless IEM system we've ever seen, more like some of the wireless guitar or microphone systems available today. With the wireless transmitter unit attached to the back, it has a tiny receiver and a remarkably small transmitter that serve as an XLR connector and plug directly into your preferred output. For those who prefer a Jack output instead of an XLR, Xvive offers an XLR to Jack converter in the package, which is a very neat and little solution.


Designed for content creators and livestreaming, TC-Helicon's GoXLR Mini is the small-format mixer you need. This mini mixer makes juggling multiple sources, including a microphone, and headset, a gaming console feed, and audio from your computer a breeze. Each of the four channels has its own fader and programmable mute button. The GoXLR Mini also manage to kept from the full-sized GoXLR is the GoXLR Mini's !@#$?* expletive censorship button, which lets you keep it PG (and be generally goofy). Finish it off with a dedicated mic mute button and flexible onboard DSP that's easy to program, and you'll get a ton of mileage out of your GoXLR Mini.

Build Quality

Due to their all-metal construction and drop-proof sturdiness, both units are incredibly well built to withstand the rigors of gigging or traveling and could be thrown in a gig bag with confidence. Additionally, there are no controls or other important components that protrude from the design or feel fragile. The only controls you need are for volume, power, and channel switching, and you can switch between Line and Aux levels depending on what you're plugging into. The operation is really simple!


The U4 has 6 wireless channels and operates at 2.4 GHz. Given how congested the 2.4Ghz space is with consumer electronics, this might be a concern for some consumers, but we had no dropout or interference problems in a studio setting with many smart 2.4Ghz plugs, phones, and iPads, computers, and various smart-enabled gadgets in the same room. With its 6 available channels, the 2.4 GHz functioning of the U4 will more than meet the needs of the majority of users.

Latency & Sound Quality

For such a piece of low-cost equipment, latency and sound quality are excellent. Xvive claims that the U4 has a 5ms latency, and in our tests, we can certainly vouch for that! Given that 5 ms of latency is comparable to being a normal distance away from a guitar cab on a large stage, the vast majority of users won't ever be able to feel it. In use, this reviewer was unable to feel any lag, even when playing fast legato runs through an Axe FX unit, which has its inherent analog to digital conversion latency.

The Xvive U4 is a mono monitoring system that operates at 24 bit/48 kHz for greater sound quality. Since Xvive does not include a set of inexpensive headphones with the device, you must use your own. When used with a pair of specially molded ACS triple driver in-ear monitors, the U4 makes listening to music, guitar, or any other source an absolute delight. Your listening experience isn't compromised in any way and is correctly portrayed with a dynamic range of 107dB and full range 20Hz–20kHz operation, allowing you to play at your best with motivating sound at all times. Remember that the majority of monitoring systems are also mono if you're wondering why the Xvive U4 is mono. It's the most consistent setup and uses half the bandwidth of a stereo monitoring setup because stage wedges, mixer Aux outputs, and fills are all mono. You must ensure that the output you select is configured as a mono sum, but practically all mixers, audio interfaces, and guitar modeling devices make it simple for you to achieve this. The receiver unit's headphone driver also provides a significant amount of volume should you require it on a noisy stage.

Wireless Range

At this price point, wireless range and battery life are also excellent, with over 90 feet of range available before drops outs (again, check out our experiment video!) and just over 5 hours of battery life after a full charge. Both devices have internal batteries that can be charged using the double USB micro cable that is provided. Unfortunately, the more versatile and current USB-C connector was not used here, and those internal batteries may become problematic in the future if they begin to lose their charging capacity over time or if you forget to charge the devices before a performance. However, from a single charge, you should have enough juice for a few standard gigs or a lengthy studio session - just remember to charge them when you get home!

All things considered, the Xvive U4 is an excellent wireless IEM solution that won't break the budget and provides excellent sound, build quality, and functionality without much compromise. With a couple of options ranging from a single user to two (Xvive U4R2) or even up to for four band members (Xvive U4R4) on stage or backstage, this device will serve you with high-quality live music playback at venues such as halls, pubs, clubs, or small open-air stages. Highly suggested.

Get your own wireless in-ear monitoring system from Xvive Audio today!

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