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Since their founding in 1978, Turbosound has earned a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of live sound equipment. Turbosound has amassed an impressive clientele that includes legendary bands like Pink Floyd, renowned venues and stadiums, such as Heaven Nightclub in London and the Moscow VEB Arena, among others.

This is evidence of how superior their equipment is; undoubtedly, this is the reason they have achieved so much over the years, including three Queen Awards. When men were still men and sound reinforcement consisted of a truckload of AC30 speakers and a wall of large bins that stretched as far as the eye could see, the Turbosound story unofficially begins.

One of the first to seriously challenge the conventional wisdom that live music could never replicate the sound that a band and its record producer had imagined was Tony Andrews. He then set out to disprove the theory with a little divine inspiration and encouragement from the heady, exploratory atmosphere of the Glastonbury Free Festivals, which would later become important Turbosound showcases.

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