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Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo
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Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo

2-ch 1,000-watt 12" Bass Combo Amp with Compressor

Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo

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Product Description

Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo (BXD12)

Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo

Huge on portable power, the Bugera BXD12 bass combo amp rocks 1,000 watts of high-efficiency Class D power. The preamp is driven by MOSFET technology, which imparts a classic tube warmth to your tone. And since it's a combo, getting the gig should be no problem, as your power and the 12" Turbosound speaker are joined together in an easy-to-move package. When you're at the gig, the footswitchable FX loop simplifies your onstage setup, and the dedicated balanced DI makes it easy to connect to the soundboard. And this just scratches the surface of the Bugera BXD12 bass combo amp's features!

  • 1,000 watts of bass power to fill any room
  • Efficient Class D power amp keeps the weight down
  • Optical compressor and exclusive Dynamizer technology for ultimate bass tone
  • 12" speaker designed by Turbosound
  • Balanced DI out for connecting to a sound board

  • Type:Solid State
  • Total Power:1000W Class D
  • Speakers:1 x 12" Turbosound speaker
  • Compression:Yes
  • EQ:3-band EQ with mid frequency control
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (instrument), 2 x RCA (aux in)
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4" (tuner), 1 x XLR (DI out)
  • Effects Loop:Yes
  • Footswitch I/O:Yes (optional FSB102B footswitch)
  • Height:18.9"
  • Width:15.8"
  • Depth:15.6"
  • Weight:43.9 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:BXD12

Dimension Packaging Weight : 28.8 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dana M.H.
NOT 1000 Watts, but......

I thought when I was waiting 6 months for them to order more and get them in, " I can't wait to get 1000 watts of power since it cost this much for a 100 watt fender rumble". And like all things that are too good to be true this was no exception. When I first plugged it in and hooked a regular bass guitar to it I thought 'This sounds more like a 100 to 150 watt amp'. so I flipped it around and guess what it says 140 watts on the back of it. This is clearly FALSE ADVERTISING. Just because their High-voltage MOSFET preamplifier and Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology will give you 10 times the wattage that it is rated for ,a second or two, without exploding you can't or at least shouldn't rate it at that power level. Also it says that it is light weight. NOT, the thing is heavy, weighs 50 lbs and I am going to have to place wheels on it as soon as I get done with this review. Pros........The only reason that I am not returning this amp and giving it 3 stars is because it is going to work for what I bought it for. I am not a regular bass player, but I can play a bass....I have bought a stand up double bass and am playing around with it just because I always wanted to. I figured this would be a good amp for my application because it advertised, "Classic compressor increases sustain and smooth-ens out volume peaks when playing dynamic slaps", which it does. It seem to handle the cordless head microphone that I placed at the front of the f-hole quite well for which I am great-full, because these kinds of applications are quit precarious at best :). The bottom end is so low and clear that you have to be out in the room to hear that it is even working because it sounds just like the bass when you are playing it. The only way I can tell that it is working is when someone turns it off and on while I am playing and there is a significant sound reduction. My wife and daughter say that it is more than loud enough when you are a ways away from it because of the sound projection. Yeah quality of sound. Boo on overrated power level. 1000 watts should physically blow you into the next room or at least make your ears ring if you stick your head right in front of it.

Great little amp!

Had this amp for a few days, while I don't think the 1000W rating is a little misleading in terms of performance, it certainly would fit into the 200W range. I've been playing a few other bass amps in the last month while my Genz-Benz was in the shop and I've been the most happy with this. The compression is smooth, amp and speaker are very clear and quite loud for "small" amp.Aassuming it holds up over time it's a great buy for rehearsals or small/midsize rooms. Love the kickback feature, would work great for onstage monitoring as well.

Ryan G.F.
The BEST bass amp money can buy around this price range in a 12" speaker. YOU NEED THIS AMP!

How am I the first to write a review of this!? I got this a few months back after waiting forever for it to finally be released. I'm GLAD I waited so long. This amp is amazing and I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with it. For the price it's a no brainier. The sound coming out of this thing is huge. I have to be careful what I set it on because it can rock the whole house apart. This is the best Bass amp you can buy around this price range and then some. I love the design of it too. Keep up the good work Bugera, you're killing it with your new line of products. They've really stepped up in quality and design! Everyone who comes over and plays on it falls in love.

Larry P.
Great product!

This is a killer amp! Tons of headroom and a compressor built in that actually works. I had it dialed in for my bass in just a few minutes. Great product!

Goon S.
Not powerful but Okay...

I did my homework and I knew it wasn't going to be 1000 watts. Bugera advertises their "peak" power rating, blah blah blah, you probably already know that. My tempered expectation was something in the neighborhood of 400 watts, or at the very least something louder than my 100 watt amp from the 1980's. It actually can't match my old amp. I play small clubs and bars, casino lounges, etc. I can't get away with just bringing this, whether I put it on a stand or use the kickback feature and set it right in front of me... doesn't matter. And I'm talking about for myself to hear... myself. Not trying to fill the room. The other weird thing about this amp is that my passive bass plugged straight into the amp will actually clip if I dime the pickups. That's a new one. Easily remedied when I use my pedalboard, I can just knock the gain down a bit ahead of the amp. But that's kinda weird. I've never had to use the pad switch with a passive bass. The pro's? Kickback feature is great for practice. The sound of the amp is very versatile.

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