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Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head
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Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head

50-watt, 2-channel Tube Amp Head with Switchable Class A/Class AB Operation and Onboard Reverb

Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head

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Product Description

Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head (T50INFINIUM)

Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head

Packed with four 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL34 power tubes, the handbuilt 50-watt Bugera T50 Infinium guitar amplifier head serves up all of the tube-soaked tones that you've heard on countless songs throughout the history of the electric guitar. Complete with a high-definition reverb switchable Class A/AB operation, the T50 Infinium is a does-it-all guitar amp. On top of that, Bugera's Tube Life Multiplier Technology ensures that the T50 Infinium guitar amplifier gives you reliability and consistent tone over the lifespan of your tubes. And thanks to its two-channel design, you can cover everything from glassy cleans to raging distortion with the Bugera T50 Infinium tube amp.


  • 12AX7 preamp tubes and EL34 power tubes provide sweet harmonics and warm distortion
  • 2-channel design has you covered from cleans and crunch to full-on distortion
  • Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology extends the lifespan of your tubes
  • Individual tone controls (Bass, Mid, Treble) for each channel
  • Speaker-emulated direct output for sending your tone directly to a PA or recording system
  • Integrated high-definition reverb with dedicated reverb control

  • Type:Tube
  • Number of Channels:2
  • Total Power:50W, Class AB/A
  • Preamp Tubes:4 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes:2 x EL34
  • Reverb:Yes
  • EQ:3-band EQ
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" instrument
  • Outputs:2 x 1/4" speaker out, 1 x 1/4" DI out
  • Effects Loop:Yes
  • Footswitch I/O:Yes, channel/reverb
  • Height:12.7"
  • Width:17.9"
  • Depth:6.2"
  • Weight:26.4 lbs

Dimension Packaging Weight : 14.4 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Rick A.
GREAT amp - if you change the tubes

Like many others, I swapped tubes and am in love with this amp. JJ 6L6's in the power tubes. Still fishing for the perfect tube in the V1 preamp, but I think I'm on Electroharmonix 12AX7 for now. Sovtek was also nice. Either one makes the drive channel a lot smoother - you'll hate it with the stock tubes. (JJ 12AX7 was too bright for my ear) Clean channel was always awesome. 6L6's are just awesomer. You'll want to pair it with the right speaker too. JJ's/EH and an eminence 12" I had laying around - wow, just wow. Can't believe this super flexible all tube amp is soO affordable !

james h.
best 50 watt tube amp for the money

awesome little power house , I preferred to change the power tubes , but to each their own . .in changing my tubes I have a 50 watt plexi sounding killer . . . really sweet sounding , reverb is ridiculously nice . . this is a damn nice amp for this price kidz

Ken H.
Great sounding amp

After reading a tone of reviews and reviewing the specs over and again, I decided to purchase this amp. It's time to give my '74 Fender Pro Reverb a break so I opted for this one. I am not sorry! This has a wonderful sound. Many mentioned that sounds a bit like the British Invasion sound, but that's fine by me. I can get nice, clean tones, and the "dirty" channel does a fair amount of muddying things up when I switch on my pedals. I'm very pleased. Currently I'm running it through the Fender's 2x12s but I plan to add a 4x12 cabinet soon. I definitely think this is worth the money for small to medium size venues, and I don't play in large places so this is great.

Johnny i.T.
Hands Down the Best Tube Amp head for the money!!!

Sounds just as good as my Mesa, Marshall, Fender, and Ampeg tube amps. Not quite as bright and compressed as the marshall or as heavy as the mesa... kind of in between the two. 50 watts is the perfect amount of power for a jam space. Crank it up and plug it into a 1-2 4x12 cabs (I'm running 2 and it pushes them just fine). Has amazing tone, and lots of voicing choices if you're playing a lot of cover songs, or still trying to find your own sound.

Jeffrey P.
This is the MOST amazing amp even if it cost a thousand more

This is the MOST amazing amp even if it cost a thousand more!! How wonderful that Bugera built an amp that really works correctly and excellently for so little money!! KUDOS to Bugera!! Buy this amp...NOW you will not be disappointed!

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