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Hercules DJ DJMonitor 42 Active DJ Monitors - Pair
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Hercules DJ DJMonitor 42 Active DJ Monitors - Pair

Hercules DJ DJMonitor 42 Active DJ Monitors - Pair

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Product Description

Hercules DJ DJMonitor 42 Active DJ Monitors - Pair (DJMONITOR42)

Hercules DJ DJMonitor 42 Active DJ Monitors - Pair (Hercules 42)

Refine the mixes that you create with high-quality speakers for powerful, clear audio rendering. The DJMonitor 42 speakers are ideal for setting just the right mood: not too big or too small, they fit perfectly into any setting and provide an incredible ambiance!

  • Pair of 4-inch active monitoring speakers
  • Designed with DJs in mind
  • Active monitoring speakers - perfect for getting started as a casual DJ
  • Offset tweeters for clearer sound reproduction, and a more spatially-distinct stereo effect
  • Acoustic guide optimized for high-performance audio rendering
  • Volume, bass and treble controls knobs on front of right satellite speaker
  • Headphones output and auxiliary input on front of right satellite speaker
  • Utilises high-grade components for optimal precision
  • High-end sound reproduction
  • Delivers a more immersive stereo effect
  • Dual bass ports deliver powerful bass response
  • 4-inch composite woofer
  • Metal membrane tweeter
  • Integrated volume control

  • Controls and Connectors:
    • On/Off switch
    • Master volume control
    • RCA audio input
    • Satellites connected by terminal block
    • Bass adjustment
    • Treble adjustment
    • Main RCA input
    • Secondary aux input 3.5mm
    • Headphone jack on the front
  • RMS Output Power: 2 x 20 watts
  • Peak Power: 80 watts
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20.000 Hz
  • Power Supply: Internal power supply
  • Dimensions (HxLxD): 22 cm x 18.5 cm x 15.5 cm (8.66” x 7.28” x 6.10”)
  • Weight (Right Satellite): 2.405 kg (0.38 lb)
  • Weight (Left Satellite): 2.233 kg (0.35 lb)
  • Box Dimensions (WxHxD): 218 mm x 266 mm x 488 mm (8.58” x 10.47” x 19.21)

Dimension Packaging Weight : 6.0 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Gabriel's B.
Solidly made with great sound

These speakers feel solid and appear well made. They were easy to set up and they sound very good - I would say they sound excellent for their size. I docked a point because the manufacturer claims "High-performance DJ speakers for a near-studio experience! " which just isn't true with 4" woofers.

The music I played (mostly rock) was well separated and there certianly was clarity in the highs and midrange. The sound was good and the volume more than loud enough (it certainly could be too loud) in my moderately-sized bedroom office. These are better, for sure, than powered computer. For me, they are great and a wonderful value and I recommend them highly.

The controls on the front are fine; I typically leave the treble and base alone, and mostly the volume too as I control all of that on my computer/phone. There is also an Aux in and a headphone jack, so I appreaciate the flexibility although I don't use it much.

I wish the power button was on the front so I could turn it off more easliy when not in use, like for the weekend. Also the provided wire to connect the two speakers together (the right has the amplifier which powers both speakers, the left through a two-wire cable) seemed a bit thin. If they are talking about "near studio" quality, I would have expected something a bit thicker as it carries the power from the amplifier in the right speaker to the loudspeaker in the left speaker and isn't just for signal. There are no speaker grills, so what you see is what you get.

Overall a nice set of speakers that I'd recommend for very good sound for casual listening.

Shaun T.
Matched pair of studio speakers, perfect for a small studio/office environment. Great sound clarity!

I chose the Hercules DJ Monitor 42 speaker pair as studio monitors for my home office, where I both record and edit my podcast episodes. These speakers are powered, offering 20 watts RMS power per satellite speaker and 80 watts peak power.

Very impressed

I actually gave myself almost 2 months using these before reviewing them. I used them for my music with my main stereo system and needed to really adjust to them, learn how the settings work and get used to speakers more advanced than my old ones. I had an old school stereo system with cd player, receiver and speakers. The speakers sounded great but were decades old. These were my chance to come to the modern age and truly see how technology had advanced. Gone was the need for the receiver and I hooked these speakers up directly to my cd player. At first the sound sounded pretty similar but after much daily use and playing different types of music really putting these to the test I can say they are pretty admirable. I use them in a studio apartment and placed correctly the sound is pretty great with excellent definition, clarity and fine bass and treble. I have always been a find the setting you like and leave it there guy and the same has been true with these. I am really glad I got them. They are well made, obviously very durable and I love the look of them. Small in size the sound certainly is not. I am sure many will use these for uses different than me but I found their quality in build and performance quite excellent. Highly recommend.

Pretty decent set of speakers, but they have no WiFi or Bluetooth

The Hercules DJ MONITOR 42 speaker set is well made and they look nice. I do not like the power button being on the back of the speakers. You have to hook up the speakers together because one of them houses the amp, so you have to connect them together with the provided speaker wire. They have decent sound for their size and they have a headphone jack and aux plugin on the front. You can adjust bass and treble on the speakers. The set comes with an RCA/3.5 mm cable but they do not have an RCA input. You may need some different cables depending on how you want to connect these. They work great in a small office environment or in your home office; they would not work as well, in my opinion, in a living room or game room setup. Overall, they do sound good for their intended purpose but I think I prefer something higher end for the price range.

Compact size, but so is the sound

These would be great in front of a computer at a desk but I am using them in a larger space. Although the sound is good, I find it is not loud enough without distorting the speakers. They do offer bass and tone adjustment, which helps. They are not independent speakers as one of the speakers is the main unit and has the rca input connections with speaker wire output to the second speaker. I actually attached a second set of speakers to the outputs and it actually works without issue. The main issue is that you need to either keep them powered on all the time or need to turn the power switch on each time which is located on the back side of the main speaker.

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