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How Taylor’s New Deal Essentially is the New Deal for Everyone

Taylor Swift recently signed a trailblazing new record deal which will redistribute millions of dollars generated by Spotify to other artists and allow the star to control all of her future recordings.

Taylor negotiated a new global agreement with Universal Music after her deal with US independent label Big Machine Records expired late this year.

The singer, who has sold 80 million albums and more than 200 million singles, used her negotiating leverage to secure a pioneering deal which will benefit other aspiring artists. Taylor removed all her music from streaming platform Spotify in 2014, arguing that it undervalued her work by allowing people to listen for free. Under the new deal, Universal has agreed that any profits from the sale of
its $1billion equity stake in Spotify will be distributed to other artists on the label, regardless of whether those artists have recouped the money invested in their future success by Universal.

She wrote on Instagram: “They (Universal) have generously agreed to do this, at what they believe will be much better terms than paid out previously by other major labels.” The clause was “a sign that we are headed towards a better deal for creators – a goal I’m never going to stop trying to achieve, in whatever ways I can.”

Taylor’s most recent album, Reputation, laden with hair-raising bass drops, huge atmospheric synths, stuttering trap percussion and heavily processed and layered vocals; was the biggest-seller of 2017: it went to number 1 in over 111 countries on iTunes’ sales charts.

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