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Shine Through The Roland TD7KV Electronic Drum

The trouble with electronic drums is probably the fact that most of the time something either doesn’t feel quite right, or something sounds amiss.

The Roland TD7KV sets out to address the problem head on; featuring a full mesh head setup, including a super-realistic double mesh snare, and a sound engine derived from the top-of-the-line TD-50, this is an electronic drum kit that seriously strives to deliver in both the feel and sound department, and after a few runs, it doesn’t do that bad a job at all.

The midrange model of the TD17 V-Drum Series, the Roland TD7KV consists of a 12" double mesh snare, three mesh tom pads, a hi-hat with an FD-9 hi-hat controller pedal, a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal and a KD-10 kick drum pad designed exclusively for the TD-17 series to deliver the feel of a kick pad whilst vastly reducing noise, making it ideal for home use.

Its all mesh head setup is a blessing, acoustic players will not have much difficulty switching to the TD17KV as it doesn’t feel rigid and synthesized like most electronic drum kits. A high-quality setup suitable for any drummer, from the discerning beginner to the established pro.

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