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Electro-Harmonix has mostly stayed unaltered, even after five decades. They are known for their experimental and "out-there" guitar pedal designs. Mike Matthews helped usher in the age of overdrive with his initial invention, the LPB-1 (Linear Power Booster). The Big Muff Pi distortion/sustainer, EHX's most famous pedal, was released in 1969. Its tone and appeal are so compelling that practically every pedal company on the planet has tried to mimic or copy it.

Electro-Harmonix currently offers more than 150 pedals, ranging from the necessary to the unique. In the twenty-first century, the company continues to pioneer new circuits, releasing new, revolutionary pedals regularly to entice guitarists looking to broaden their tone palettes. David Gilmour, who employed the Big Muff Pi Fuzz and Electric Mistress Flanger to pioneer Pink Floyd's breakthrough rock sound in the 1970s, is one of their most prominent early users. Thousands of famous guitarists and bassists have used EHX pedals since then, and their forward-thinking designs continue to attract modern artists.

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