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When it comes to the studio and live microphones, Neumann is a global leader. Since Neumann microphones are regarded as the industry standard for recording and live microphones, it's difficult to imagine any recording studio without one. The kings of the studio microphone are Neumann Mics, which are pronounced "not-man." Every mic in their lineup is well-liked and frequently used by studios all over the world.

Numerous records have featured Neumann microphones over the years that they've been in business. Most likely, Neumann microphones were used to record your favorite songs. The range is very clear, and Neumann is a firm believer in the versatility of microphones. The U87 and the U67 are arguably the two most well-known Neumann microphones. Both are exceptional vocal microphones with distinctive tonal qualities. The TLM102, a condenser mic equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, is a great choice if you're looking for something a little more adaptable and reasonably priced. Due to its extremely high sound pressure level, it is ideal for bass cabs, loud guitar cabs, and even drum kits! The TLM103 is the model above, and because of the size of its diaphragm, it has a slightly more "open" character. The TLM107, which costs more but has a larger microphone, is the same.

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