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sE Electronics

Siwei Zou, a specialist in Western Composition and Acoustics who attended the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, established the business in 2000. He was invited to California State University, San Francisco, as a visiting scholar. He is an accomplished instrumentalist, composer, and conductor.

He received newly created microphones from his Shanghain colleagues during this time for testing and feedback; he found himself offering helpful criticism on their designs, and this is when the concept for sE Electronics was born!

The vast selection of microphones and accessories in the sE range are created to meet the needs of anyone and everyone. A beginning producer or musician can easily afford a sE mic with great affordable prices. They provide a limited range of live vocal and instrument microphones for a variety of uses.

You may be searching for a straightforward, capable handheld or a more all-purpose workhorse that you can rely on for those challenging tours. You can't go wrong with a sE live mic because they are all durable, ergonomic, and one of a kind.

They have a huge variety of studio microphones. And their prices are affordable and range from reasonably priced entry-level options to professional-grade tools. As a result of the category's inherent diversity, sE has made an effort to represent it through a variety of options, including condenser, dynamic, ribbon, and pencil microphones, among others.

Additionally, they produce stereo pairs that are excellent for recording live ambiences, a DSLR-ready microphone for mobile video recording, and the Rupert Neve RNT Tube Condenser Microphone and Preamp for unmatched pristine sound.

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