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Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic has developed from ground-breaking audio consoles for music, live, and broadcast production to become the top analogue and digital audio console manufacturer in the world and a leading supplier of innovative tools for professionals in the film, audio, and broadcast industries.

The late Colin Sanders CBE founded Solid State Logic in 1969. Switching systems for pipe organs were the company's first offerings, and Colin came up with the term "Solid State Logic" to describe them.

Then, Colin established Acorn Studios in the Oxfordshire village of Stonesfield, where he resided, and he started building his own video game consoles. He created the first A Series console in 1976, and two of them were produced and sold.

Always striving to make things better, the console underwent a redesign to become the SL 4000 B Series, the first of which was produced in 1976. With the construction of six B Series consoles, SSL's global operations got underway.

Now SSL, is one of the globally recognized brand for their mixers, DAW's and Interfaces used by many professionals, which brings them to a industry level standard.

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