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A manufacturer of professional audio equipment with a focus on live mixing consoles and solutions is called Soundcraft.

This British company, founded in the middle of the 1970s by sound engineer Phil Dudderidge and electronics designer Graham Blyth—the former of whom worked as Led Zeppelin's first dedicated sound engineer in 1970—has made significant contributions to the audio industry. Decades later, Soundcraft continues to innovate and push the limits of the live and recording industries while still boasting a successful range.

With the Series 1, a small live mixing console integrated into a transportable flightcase, Soundcraft made a name for themselves. This powerful piece of equipment was ground-breaking for live use with 12 or 16 input channels, 4 outputs, and 4-band EQ sections for each channel. The Series 2 that came after was a four- or eight-bus console that was appropriate for live and studio applications.

With more channels, sweepable EQs, and significantly more routing flexibility, Soundcraft built a solid reputation throughout the 1970s and beyond and contributed to the creation of the "British Sound." The current Soundcraft lineup is fairly diverse and was created in Britain. The top models in their line-up are the SI Expression live sound mixers, which are robust digital consoles with incredible control and versatility.

The SI Expression mixers embrace contemporary technology without compromising audio fidelity, offering built-in effects that can be used on any channel and flexible EQ processing that enables you to fine-tune to the smallest detail.

If your front-of-house vantage point isn't ideal, you can make adjustments immediately from different positions within a venue thanks to iPad compatibility. The EFX live mixers are also a good option if you want that distinctive Soundcraft sound but at a much lower cost.

These mixers are fantastic value for money, with usable EQ as well as digital verb/delay and modulation effects, and enough channels to record everything from small ensembles to full band setups.

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