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The Japanese musical instrument company Hoshino Gakki, which also makes and sells Ibanez Guitars, is in charge of producing and marketing Tama equipment. Midway through the 1960s, Gakki launched its Star Drums drumming line.

At his Tama Seisakusho manufacturing facility, he already produced Ibanez guitars and amplifiers, but he wanted to grow the company to compete with other Japanese producers. His drum production at the location eventually outgrew Ibanez's, which was ultimately relocated offsite in 1966.

As an affordable alternative to some of the established US drum brands that dominated at the time, Gakki successfully introduced his drum equipment to the American market. He made the decision to rename the business Tama in 1979 and refocus on creating high-caliber drum equipment for both seasoned and aspiring drummers worldwide.

They have developed heavy-duty hardware, top-notch pedals, and much more over the years, becoming market leaders in drum innovation. There is something for everyone in our Tama range, whether you're a beginning drummer or a busy touring musician! We provide a limited number of full Tama shell packs, each with a unique appearance and sound.

The Imperialstar line, which features excellent build quality at affordable price points, is one of our most well-liked products! Our great selection of individual shells and snare drums is our next proud offering. Like many producers, Tama is interested in experimenting with materials; they use a variety of wood combinations, such as walnut, bubinga, and their special studio maple combination.

Additionally, they manufacture a variety of brass, aluminium, and steel snares for premium clarity and maximum attack! Another well-known product line from Tama is a broad selection of robust, functional drum hardware and accessories. Due to their excellent support, comfort, and portability, their drum thrones and stools are among some of the most popular in the industry and are perfect for working musicians. Their selection of drum stands is also incredibly diverse, offering boom stands, double stands, hi-hat stands, and many other options at reasonable prices.

Last but not least, their drum pedals have proven to be incredibly popular, especially with those seeking high-quality equipment on a tight budget. One of the most popular product lines in the industry, the Iron Cobra line features the renowned Tama resilience, adjustable construction, and responsive action at an affordable price.

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