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About Tannoy


One of the most well-known speaker manufacturers in the world is Tannoy. A strong product line in the twenty-first century is the result of decades of experience, a long history, and a rich heritage. The PA and studio speaker market is extremely competitive, and many businesses create their own designs. Despite the enormous variety available, many of these brands owe a large portion of their success to Tannoy, who may have set the standard. This innovation, which established the "Dual Concentric" speaker design, involved positioning the tweeter behind the main medium or bass driver. When it comes to professional audio, this is referred to as a "coaxial speaker" and is the accepted industry standard. Tannoy, which was established in London in 1926, rose to prominence during World War II by providing PA systems to the military and family vacation camps after the war. However, Tannoy's public-address system, which has been used informally for decades, is possibly its most infamous product. The brand's name is so closely associated with its system due to the systems' frequent use in retail and public spaces that it is also used as a verb (to "tannoy"). With the company's careful curation and preservation, the term has evolved into a generic trademark. In Music Bliss Malaysia, you can find the best Tannoy Prices in Malaysia, and we provide the best prices for Tannoy Malaysia, products alongside with many Tannoy best offers.


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