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Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals are a member of a select group of American pedal manufacturers that are dominating the boutique pedal market. With their work on the Ego compressor pedal, which was praised for its brilliant blend control, they have firmly established themselves at the top of the food chain when it comes to innovation in the guitar effects world.

In order to maintain the dynamic of what you're playing, the blend lets you adjust the ideal amount of compression onto your dry signal. In the beginning, Brian Wampler just played around with overdrive pedals until he was satisfied with how they sounded.

He set out to design and build his own pedals from scratch because he couldn't quite get these pedals to produce the sound he had in mind. The rest is history as he quickly rose to prominence in the effects pedal community.

It's also no accident that country music icon and Wampler pedal user Brad Paisley owns and uses a custom Brad Paisley Deluxe Overdrive pedal. The Tumnus Boost, Ethereal Ambient Delay, and Reverb pedals are just a few of the key models in the Wampler lineup that are unquestionably worth checking out. Not to mention the mild overdrive provided by Dual Fusion and the fire-breathing Dracarys high gain pedal.

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