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ESP SNAPPER-AS/M-BR Driftwood Driftwood Series - Black with Blue Filler
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ESP SNAPPER-AS/M-BR Driftwood Driftwood Series - Black with Blue Filler

ESP SNAPPER-AS/M-BR Driftwood Driftwood Series - Black with Blue Filler

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Product Description

ESP SNAPPER-AS/M-BR Driftwood Driftwood Series - Black with Blue Filler (SNAPPERASMBR-BLKBL)

ESP SNAPPER-AS/M-BR Driftwood Driftwood Series - Black with Blue Filler (SNAPPERASMBR)

What is ESP's standard? One of the answers is this SNAPPER. The looks, which evolved from the traditional style to the modern style, have been sublimated into a sophisticated design that will never get tired of. A hard rock maple neck is set on a good quality alder body. The bridge uses Flicker III, which features smooth arming, and the pickup is equipped with Seymour Duncan's stap type STK-S7 and humbucker TB-16.


Drift wood processing

  • Driftwood is driftwood. Driftwood that moves in the river over a long period of time shows a difference in how the soft and hard parts are scraped due to friction between the water and the stones on the bottom of the river, giving it a unique look and feel.
  • Among the woods that are often used for guitars, the ring hole materials such as ash have more ducts concentrated in the annual ring part than the perforated materials such as alder.
  • The part where the ducts are concentrated is soft and easy to scrape because there are many cavities, but on the contrary, the wood part with few ducts becomes hard and difficult to scrape. This difference creates a unique texture.
  • In addition to ring hole materials, in the case of tree species with large conduits, the conduits are usually sealed with wood filler or the like.
  • Doing so will help the paint not seep into the conduit and create a flat coating. However, the Drift Wood series uses an open pore finish that makes the most of its texture, and by adding a different color to the conduit part, it has a richly expressive look.
  • Drift wood processing can be applied to any wood as long as there is a large difference in the hardness of the xylem.

Equipped with a mix variation switch

  • Equipped with a new mix variation switch. This switch changes the pickup selected at the mix position from "neck + center" to "neck + center + bridge" and from "center + bridge" to "neck + bridge".

A pot with a switch is used for the master tone.

  • The pot with a switch is adopted as a master tone, and capacitors of different values ​​of 0.047μF and 0.01μF are mounted. It is possible to switch with one touch by pushing the knob, and at the time of push-up, 0.01 μF is selected and functions as a mild tone

  • BODY : Swamp Ash (Thickness 45mm)
  • NECK : Hard Maple
  • GRIP SHAPE : Slim U
  • FINGERBOARD : Hard Maple * Honduras Rose fingerboard is available as a made-to-order product.
  • RADIUS : Compound (240-305R)
  • SCALE : 648mm
  • NUT : Unbleached Bone (42mm)
  • FRET : JESCAR FW55090-NS, 22frets
  • INLAY : Abalone Dot
  • JOINT : Bolt-on (T-5 Ultimate Access)
  • TUNER : GOTOH SG360-07 MG-T
  • BRIDGE : ESP FLICKER-III w / Tremolo Tone Spring Type2 x5
  • PICKUPS : (Neck) Seymour Duncan STK-S7, (Middle) Seymour Duncan STK-S7, (Bridge) Seymour Duncan TB-16
  • PARTS COLOR : Chrome
  • CONTROLS : Master Volume, Master Tone (CAP. Select SW) 5-Way Lever PU Selector, Mix Variation Switch
  • SET STRING : .010-.046 (Elixir®)

Dimension Packaging Weight : 18.0 kg

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