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Friedman JJ-JUNIOR Jerry Cantrell Signature 2-channel 20-watt Tube Head
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Friedman JJ-JUNIOR Jerry Cantrell Signature 2-channel 20-watt Tube Head

Friedman JJ-JUNIOR Jerry Cantrell Signature 2-channel 20-watt Tube Head

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Product Description

Friedman JJ-JUNIOR Jerry Cantrell Signature 2-channel 20-watt Tube Head (JJ-JUNIOR)

Friedman JJ-JUNIOR Jerry Cantrell Signature 2-channel 20-watt Tube Head

Dave Friedman teamed up with Jerry Cantrell and captured the Alice In Chains guitarist’s iconic tone and ferocity in the Friedman JJ-100 - Cantrell's first ever signature amp. The JJ-100 was an instant success. Not being the types to leave a great thing alone, they decided to cram all that punishing tone and grind into a stage-friendly 20-watt monster. Introducing, the Friedman JJ-Junior. The JJ-Junior still gives you the same 2-channel, EL-powered tone that has carved out a legendary place in rock. All of the saturated, complex harmonic overtones are still lurking inside, as well as the AC30-like cleans. At 20 watts, the JJ-Junior lets you take the stage, studio, or jam session with total confidence. Jerry and Dave spent years perfecting the "JJ" sound. Now, you can have the same tonal experience, in a smaller format, without sacrificing the attention to detail that goes into every Friedman amplifier.

The JJ Junior features and internal load and cab-simulated XLR output. Comparing this analog circuit to some of the most intricate computer-based IRs, Dave achieved a direct output you can proudly send to front of house or use in the studio. The JJ Junior also allows you to play "silently," meaning you can safely play the amp WITHOUT having a speaker cabinet connected. The XLR output includes a ground-lift, level, and center/edge of speaker cone simulation switches. The JJ Junior was specifically designed to take pedals well especially boosts, ODs, phasers, flangers, tremolos, and wahs. The ultra-transparent buffered, series effects loop takes time-based effects pedals and rack units equally well. This is the exact same FX loop Friedman uses on all its amplifiers including the legendary BE-100. The head cabinet features beautiful black Tolex, with Baltic Birch construction and the same grille cloth used on the original JJ-100.

  • Versatile 20-watt, 2-channel Jerry Cantrell Signature all-tube amplifier
  • An ideal amp for blues, rock, and metal
  • JBE switch adds gain, compression, and saturation
  • Handbuilt amplifier with premium components including custom transformers and capacitors
  • Bright switch and presence control let you tweak your tone to perfection
  • Dual speaker outputs let you use up to 2 speaker cabs
  • Line-out with level control for feeding a mixer or recorder
  • Ultra-transparent effects loop for your favorite pedals

  • Type : Tube
  • Number of Channels : 2
  • Total Power : 20W
  • Preamp Tubes : 3 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes : 2 x EL84
  • EQ : 3-band EQ, Bright Switch
  • Inputs : 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
  • Outputs : 2 x 1/4" (8/16 ohm), 1 x XLR (cab simulated out)
  • Effects Loop : Series FX Loop
  • Footswitch I/O : 1 x 1/4" (channel)
  • Footswitch Included : Yes, 1-button footswitch
  • Construction Material : Baltic Birch Head Cab with Black Tolex
  • Power Supply : Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height : 8.25"
  • Width : 18"
  • Depth : 8.5"
  • Weight : 22 lbs.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 12.0 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
B O.
Top of the line amp

This amp is such a beast. If you like over driven Marshall tones, this is the amp for you. Had a great clean channel as well so it's super versatile! No regrets. You can't go wrong with a Friedman!

Robert M.
Killer Tone!

this amp is great, the clean channel is very impressive. The BE channel is everything you would expect from a Friedman. On the JBE channel, it just gets grungier...

Jerry U.

This is by far one of the best sounding amps I have ever owned. No pedals, guitar in the front and it rocks at a volume that you can use. Dirty channel has punch and sustain for ever,at any volume, roll back the volume on the guitar and it�s as if you changed channels cleans up like magic . Clean channel rings and has great definition. A compact guitar rig that does classic rock, Hard rock, modern country and won�t break your back moving it. Don�t let its size fool you,it can get loud. I�ve had messa�s, Marshals, Fenders and this is a mix of all three.

A pure firebreather from Friedman!

This little amp sounds amazing! And it's so versatile! There are 3 types of cleans (you switch between them on the face of the amp) and then there's the dirty channel, which is a great BE sounds...but then you switch on the JJ sound and you get a whole new level of distortion (although the volume does drop a little)'s almost like a 3-channel amp. Add in the fact that you can record silently by running direct into a board without a speaker connected and you get one of the most versatile amps out there. At a mere 22 lbs, you won't break your back gigging with this bad boy. And it may be rated at 20 watts, but this thing can get LOUD! It has become my main gigging amp.

Little monster!! Excellent metal to rock sounding amp!!!!

This is a very nice high gain amp! Clean channel is very nice too.. higher gain settings compared to runt model.. amp has 2 voicing on the dirty channel, 2 amp in one.. can't beat that! Very powerful for 20 watt amp! Give it a try! You won't regret!!

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