Raw Vintage RVTS-1 5-Piece Tremolo Spring Set

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Raw Vintage RVTS-1 5-Piece Tremolo Spring Set

Tremolo Spring is a part just as vital as the saddle and they are responsible for the fat sound of the 50’s and 60’s Stratocaster. Most newly manufactured springs have different characteristics from the vintage. They are hard with strong tension.
As one of the raw vintage product, we researched the vintage and matched the tension of the spring. The prerequisite of using 5 or 4 springs together makes it able to achieve superb torque feel. And with the increased weight, we were able to create Fat Tone.
These can be used as a replacement parts for the new reissued guitars, enabling their owners to enjoy the characteristic closer to the original

  • RVTS-1 (5-pc set)
  • Wire Diameter : 1.3mm
  • Overall Diameter : 8.86mm
  • Nickel Plated