Yamaha PA2120 2-Channel Compact Mixer Amplifier (PA-2120)

valueLo-Z/Hi-Z switchable Class-D amplifier equipped with 1 stereo/2 mono line inputs; can be combined with the MA2120 mixer amplifier.
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Yamaha PA2120 2-Channel Compact Mixer Amplifier (PA-2120)


  • Easy setupand a user-friendly interface for effortless operation
  • Supporting Lo-Z (120W x2ch or 100W x2ch ) and Hi-Z (120W x2ch or 200W x1ch70V/100V) speaker systems
  • 1 stereo/2 mono line inputs
  • Output EQ for optimizing the sound of each Output channel
  • Built-in speaker EQ optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS series speakersas well as HPF and selectable LPF settings
  • Capable of controlling sources and volumes seperately in two areas (Source/volume zoning)
  • Service areas or zoning areas can be expanded by adding a PA2120
  • Remote volume control and microphone on/off switching via optional DCP control panels (DCP4V4SDCP1V4SDCP4Smax 2 units)
  • Intelligent protection function ensures safereliable operation
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR
  • Certified as Yamaha Eco Products
  • Space-saving 1U rack size (*sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling.)

Output power 1kHz (THD+N=1%: 3) 100W x 2 (20ms Burst)
1kHz (THD+N=1%: 4) 120W x 2 (20ms Burst)
1kHz (THD+N=1%: 8) 100W x 2 (20ms Burst)
High impedance: 100V line 120W x 2 or 200W x 1
High impedance: 70V line 120W x 2 or 200W x 1
Total harmonic distortion 0.2% (Line in to Speaker outHalf power @1kHz3/4/8)0.2% (Line in to Speaker outHalf Power @1kHz70V/100V120W/200W)
Frequency response 0dB-2.5dB+1.0dB (Line in to THRU OUT20Hz to 20kHz)0dB-3.0dB+1.0dB (Line in to Speaker out50Hz to 20kHz1W3/4/8)0dB-3.0dB+1.0dB (Line in to Speaker out90Hz to 20kHz1W70V/100V120W/200W)
I/O Connectors Line Input Input A-B:MONO RCA pin x 2 (unbalanced) or 3.5mm Euro block (6-pinbalanced)
Speaker Output Barrier strip x 2 pairs
Line Out THRU OUT: MONO RCA pin (unbalanced) x2
Control ports RJ-45 (for DCP4V4SDCP1V4S DCP4S)Remote (3.5mm Euro block 3-pin)
Input Level Line input (unbalanced): -10dBV (Sensitivity)-10dBV (Nominal)+10dBV (Max before clip) / Line input (balanced): +4dBu (Sensitivity)+4dBu (Nominal)+24dBu (Max before clip)
Output Level -10dBV (THRU OUTNominal)
Protection circuit Load protection Power switch on/off: Mute the output*Output voltage protection: Compress the output*DC-fault: Power supply shutdown (*Restored automatically)
Amplifier protection Thermal: Limit the output*   Mute*   ShutdownOver current: Mute the output*Integrated power limit: Compress the output* (*Restored automatically)
Power supply protection Thermal: Power supply shutdownOver voltage: Power supply shutdownOver current: Limit the output*  Power supply shutdown (*Restored automatically)
Amplifier class Class D
Cooling Conventional coolingbottom to up airflow
Power requirements 100V120V230V - 240V50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption Music source equivalent 60W (1/8 max power4AC100Vpink noise at all channels)
Dimensions W 480mm (18.9?) *1
H 45mm (1.8?) *1
D 379mm (14.9?) *1
Net weight 4.8kg (10.6lbs)
Accessories AC power cable3.5mm Euroblock plug (6-pin) x 1Euroblock pulg (3-pin) x 1Owner manualSpecification sheet
Options DCP4V4SDCP1V4SDCP4S (Digital Control Panel)
Certificate ENERGY STAR
Others Operating Temperature: 0°C to + 40°CStorage Temperature: -20°C to + 60°CRack-mountable when ensuring sufficient ventilation above and below the unit
Package Weight : 4.8 kg