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Microphones Inspired By Studio Classics - Without Busting The Bank!

The classics will always be superior! However, some of us find that our wallets disagree. However, you probably feel drawn to those vintage records of your favorite musicians as though they represent an impossibly distant dream.

Do not fret! With this selection of outstanding studio mics from Warm Audio created to accurately replicate a cherished, tried-and-true original, Music Bliss has you covered if you're like many artists and producers who require a high-quality, dependable mic without spending a small fortune!

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The WA-8000 is a nod to a very special Sony C-800G large diaphragm tube condenser microphone that made its way onto countless platinum recordings starting in the early 90s and continuing today. The sound of this mic has delivered hits for artists ranging from Dr. Dre, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and Brian McKnight to Eminem, Rihanna, Drake, and more. The original stood out, boasting a natural and open top end, supremely clear midrange, and the ability to render detail in a vocal performance unlike most other mics on the planet.

A wide-open, up-front tone from the Warm Audio WA-8000 large-diaphragm condenser gives vocals a radio-ready shine. Warm Audio's design team created a unique K67-style capsule in the WA-8000's spirit, using new-old-stock 6AU6 tubes and specially made Lundahl transformers. In order to maximize performance, the WA-8000, like the original, is housed in a specially made exterior heat sink assembly that pulls heat away from the microphone's tube and electronics. Their extraordinary attention to detail includes providing the WA-8000 with a top-of-the-line GAC-7 cable from Swiss cable giants Gotham Audio. The WA-8000 large-diaphragm condenser microphone from Warm Audio is a fantastic option for pop, hip-hop, R&B, and other genres where voices take center stage!

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The Warm Audio WA-87 R2 is an authentic reproduction of a truly iconic mic from the late-60s that is widely considered to be one of the greatest studio microphones ever designed, the Neumann U87. The original hitmaker and most popular studio lead vocal microphone of all time, the original boasts an artist roster that spans Paul McCartney and David Bowie all the way to Calvin Harris and Ed Sheeran. Just like the coveted originals built from the late 60s to early 70s, the WA-87 R2 delivers the unmistakably smooth bass and midrange while adding the pristine top end that engineers have chased for decades.

With the WA-87, Warm Audio's first attempt at a microphone, they set a lofty goal: to create one of the most recognizable large-diaphragm, multi-pattern FET condenser mics in history. Warm Audio has improved their modern classic even further with the WA87 R2. The Warm Audio WA87 R2 is a workhorse mic that belongs in your mic locker since it has a modern, rounded grille, improved metalwork, and performance upgrades like a real Cinemag transformer.

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The original Neumann U67 became one of the most sought-after and widely-used studio microphones of its time, recording a massive collection of some of the most memorable songs of the last 50 years - we’re talking about classic tracks from artists as varied as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Temptations and Nirvana! The original mics are still sought after, but they can command upwards of $8000 for a pristine unit, putting them far out of reach for most recordists. Thankfully, Warm Audio has now changed that scenario with the release of the new WA-67! Based around an EF86 pentode tube and having the same smooth and creamy tone of the original, the WA-67 excels at recording just about anything that you put it in front of, and it may immediately become your go-to choice for vocals, guitars, drum toms and overheads, pianos, brass, and strings.

A unique large-core transformer from Lundahl, Sweden, an EF86 pentode tube, high-bandwidth polystyrene capacitors, and other premium all-discrete parts are used in the assembly of the WA-67. A reproduction of the famed K-67 dual-diaphragm/dual-backplate capsule used in vintage U67 is also included in the microphone. The three switchable polar patterns on the WA-67—Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-of-Eight—give you a great deal of versatility when it comes to exploring the sound possibilities made available by various recording methods.

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The WA-47 is an authentic reproduction of the most coveted tube microphone, hailed as the grandfather of professional recordings and timeless studio sound, The Neumann U47. Production of the U47 microphone ran from 1947 - 1963 after initially debuting in Berlin in 1947. The original U47 microphones quickly became the industry standard for professional recordings by the early 1950s and still run the show today due to the added sensitivity of the mic which boosts the presence and detail of contemporary recordings. Some of the most famous albums of all time feature vintage 47 microphones, with an artist roster that goes from Sinatra to Adele with many a few small acts like The Beatles in between. Vintage 47-style microphones raised the bar for what’s possible in recording and the WA-47 is meticulously designed with premium components to authentically reproduce that coveted sonic profile and feature set at an unprecedented price.

Warm Audio closely adhered with this traditional circuit layout, which dates back more than 50 years, for the WA-47. But there are many innovations, so this is not just a clone. The WA-47 is constructed from high-quality discrete parts, including a JJ Slovak 5751 vacuum tube, Wima and Solen French capacitors, a TAB-Funkenwerk USA output transformer, and a replica dual-backplate K47-style capsule with the same hole pattern and frequency response as the vintage '47. There isn't a source the WA-47 can't handle with its unmistakably alluring sonics thanks to its nine selectable polar patterns and its 140dB SPL handling.

Check out the other versions of the 47-style mic family from Warm Audio!

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The WA-47F is a faithful recreation of a high-SPL, low-noise classic celebrated as a 'secret weapon' across world-class studios, the Neumann U-47 FET. The original '47-style FET was released in 1969 and gained massive popularity inside recording studios for its ability to handle fast transients with exceptional detail. Compared to popular tube microphones, the WA-47F has a more pristine top end and a tighter, more controllable bass response. Famous artists such as Dave Grohl and Daft Punk used the original 47FET on kick drums, inspiring generations of drummers and engineers. For vocals, legends like David Lee Roth and Michael Stipe used the original to create some of the most beloved music of all time. The WA-47F shares the same sonic profile as that original microphone, making the WA-47F a studio workhorse that will quickly become a go-to mic in your locker.

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The WA-47jr is a contemporary multi-pattern, transformerless, FET condenser mic designed to deliver the sound profile of the coveted '47-style tube microphone at an unthinkable price. Like the original vintage U47 tube microphone, the 47jr features a proper large-diaphragm 34mm K-47-style capsule. This capsule is so revered for its ability to capture detail with analog depth, that it has been used as the basis for several ultra-unattainable microphone designs of the last half-century. Combining possibly the greatest condenser capsule of all time with our carefully crafted, modern circuit delivers that analog warmth and pristine detail for capturing everything from vocals to toms to acoustic guitar. With three polar patterns, a -10dB pad, and a 70Hz Hi-Pass filter, the WA-47jr will easily become the most versatile mic in your locker.

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The WA-251 is an all vacuum tube, large diaphragm, transformer balanced, multi-pattern, large condenser microphone, based on the classic 1960's Telefunken ELAM 251 that has been used on countless hit records for the last 50+ years. The WA-251 is designed for pro studio, home studio, live, and broadcast applications and sounds great on vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric bass, drums, piano, strings, brass/woodwind instruments, and an array of other sources.

This accurate replica employs a made-to-order, all-brass capsule in the CK-12 design. There is literally no source the WA-251 can't fine-tune with its unique, seductive sonics thanks to its three polar patterns and its 132dB SPL management. With the WA-251's three polar patterns—cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8—you have a tonne of freedom to experiment with the audio opportunities provided by various recording methods. The CineMag USA transformer used by the WA-251 is built in the United States. This transformer contributes to the current top end and the LARGE bottom end that one would expect from a condenser microphone in the 251 type.

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The WA-84 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone based on classic 1970s Neumann KM-84 microphone circuitry. The WA-84 is a fully discrete Class A design that utilizes a CineMag USA transformer, polystyrene, and Wima capacitors, and a Fairchild FET. The WA-84 is designed for pro studio, home studio, live, and broadcast applications and sounds great on a variety of instruments and sources, such as; acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric bass, drums, piano, strings, brass & woodwind instruments, and an array of other sources.

With its versatile cardioid polar pattern and 10dB pad, you can use the WA-84 on any instrument — with world-class results. It makes snares and tom-toms sound huge. It's great for drum overheads, capturing cymbals with warmth and vibrancy. It's perfect for adding a bit of room to complement a close dynamic or ribbon mic on a guitar cabinet. Engage the pad, and move the mic right up on the speaker grille. The WA-84 is an ideal choice for piano, vibraphone, marimba, congas, strings, woodwinds, and so much more. The list goes on, but suffice to say: You haven't lived until you've heard a grand piano spring to life when miked with a pair of WA-84s. For drum room mics, use two of them and nuke the stereo signal with a fast limiter. Positively explosive!

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The WA-14 is a classic condenser microphone based on the early 1970's microphone used on countless hit records, the AKG 414. The WA-14 utilizes a custom all-brass CK12-style capsule, CineMag USA transformer, and a fully discrete signal path. The WA-14 can be used on an array of sources, such as; punchy/warm intimate lead vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums/percussion, strings/orchestral material, and many other sources. The WA-14 provides a realism and thickness that is true to the vintage microphone, but now at an affordable price.

Premium materials are used in the construction of the WA-14, including a genuine USA-made Cinemag output transformer and the LK-12-B-60V Lens Kondensator, a high-quality reproduction of the renowned old CK12 capsule. It has tantalum, polystyrene, and WIMA capacitor all-discrete signal route. A premium-sounding microphone that doesn't cost a fortune is produced with high-quality components and thorough design. The WA-14's outstanding adaptability is further increased by its three polar patterns, which include cardioid, omni, and figure-8. These enable you to test out stereo capture methods including Spaced Pair (A/B), X-Y (including Blumlein), ORTF array, and Mid-Side (MS).

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The WA-CX12 is a faithful recreation of the most natural and balanced tube mic of all time, lauded for its organic tone and pleasing top end. The original AKG C12 was produced in Austria from 1953 - 1963 and is the definitive version of the 12-style mic. The WA-CX12 sound profile and circuit design are inspired by the original production run of only 2500 mics, which are highly coveted for their ability to capture the natural beauty of vocal performances, room sounds, and other far miking techniques. The list of famous recording artists who have never used a 12-style microphone is likely shorter than the list of those who have. Some of the most notable artists to create music with the original include The Beatles, Lupe Fiasco, Tom Petty, Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette, and Taylor Swift, just to name a few. The WA-CX12 cuts no corners in achieving the highly coveted open, airy, and natural sound profile used over and over again by some of the world’s most recognized engineers and artists.

The CK12-style custom, solid brass capsule is made to match the crystalline highs and booming midrange of its namesake and produces a natural, balanced tone. This powerful microphone can handle almost anything you can throw at it thanks to its nine polar patterns, a 12AY7 tube, and a premium 7-pin GAC-7 tube cable from Gotham Audio. This is especially true when you take into account its high-SPL handling of 149dB and frequency response range of 30Hz to 20kHz.

Step Up the Quality of Your Recordings!

You can use the additional cash you have now that you don't have to spend half your life savings on a vintage microphone to spruce up your studio with some new monitors or even instruments! This list should have assisted in your decision-making process or at the very least drawn your notice to several excellent, reasonably priced mics.

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