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sE Electronics V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone
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sE Electronics V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Mic with Integrated Shockmount and Internal Windscreen

sE Electronics V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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Product Description

sE Electronics V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone (V7X)

sE Electronics V7 X Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone (V7X)

The sE Electronics V7 X delivers the perfect combination of great sound and impressive durability. Tailor-made for instruments, this microphone’s specialized aluminum voice coil delivers detailed highs and deep, clear lows from whatever you put in front of it. Experience excellent isolation from stage noise and massive amounts of gain before feedback, thanks to the V7 X’s supercardioid design. Its integrated shockmount ensures that rumble and other distracting sounds won’t become a problem, and an internal windscreen prevents wind noise from ruining your performance. The V7 X is built to last, with durable zinc alloy construction and a super-tough beveled spring steel mesh grille.

  • Dynamic microphone that’s custom-tuned for instruments
  • Specialized aluminum voice coil offers superb sound reproduction
  • Supercardioid capsule yields excellent isolation and massive amounts of gain before feedback
  • Integrated shockmount eliminates rumble and other distracting sounds
  • Internal windscreen prevents wind noise from ruining your performance
  • Both red and black windscreens are included to suit your style
  • Beveled edge keeps the mic from rolling around when you set it down
  • Gold-plated XLR connector ensures a solid, reliable connection
  • Durable zinc alloy construction

  • Microphone Type:Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern:Supercardioid
  • Frequency Range:30Hz-19kHz
  • Output Impedance:300 ohms
  • Sensitivity:-54 dBV/Pa
  • Color:Silver/Red Grille
  • Connector:XLR
  • Dimensions:6.93" x 1.86"
  • Weight:0.59 lbs.

Dimension Packaging Weight : 1.2 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Darin F.K.
This is 4 mics in one and they are all excellent!

Excellent pre-EQd kick drum mic. I tour constantly and need something that is quick to get a great sound out of. I've been a professional musician for over 3 decades and have used everything out there from every type of mic to contact mics. This one in its full classic mode is perfect. For heavier rock bands, the switchable voicing is exactly what is needed.
Well done!

Best in class

This beats its obvious competitor (sm57) in my opinion. Smooth sound and well built. Very good product.

The bomb

I am incredibly impressed how easy to find a beefy, tight, kick sound simply by changing settings before even touching the eq on my mixer! this mic made a 20x12 kick sound just as good as any standard size kick. I will be replacing my shure beta 52 inside my 22 with this asap!

Don B.
se v7x

I am now going to the vx7 first instead of 57.. that says it all.

Estevan G.
THE dynamic mic for male voices - like an improved Shure Beta 58A/57A. Warm and crisp

Bought this because based on the frequency response graph, it seemed like this would be the perfect fit for my baritone voice. Just spent a few hours testing it today and it turns out I was right.

Unlike a lot of vocal microphones, this microphone doesn't try to compensate for the proximity effect, meaning you're free to play with that as a variable, and I always like when microphones give you options. If your voice is too boomy, just move a bit further away. If you want some of that emphasized low-end for the "radio voice" effect (or just to help the low end of your voice), just put your mouth within a few inches of the mic.

Noise-wise, I'm finding this mic to be identical to a Shure Beta 58A. Meaning it doesn't pick up more background noise than it should, but you also don't have to be extremely close to it to get good levels. Off-axis rejection is also great, so it should be able to do high gain before feedback. The more I test it, it might actually be even less sensitive to background noise than the 58A.

On the high-end and mids, this mic is both clear and crisp, without being overly sibilant or in any way muffled. I did notice that when I speak into this mic at a 90-degree angle in front of it (as in, perpendicular to the end but far enough in front of it that the air from my plosives don't hit the mic - I do this sometimes for streaming) it's actually even *more* crisp and clear than the 58A is in this position.

I specified "male voices" in the headline but really, this mic is so warm and crisp I think anyone would sound good on it, regardless of gender. It's just overall a really solid dynamic microphone.

Overall, very impressed.

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